Torqus restaurant POS is designed by Torqus Systems Pvt. Ltd to streamline the process flow in food and beverage industry.  Torqus also provides you mobile application, and comes with a flexible and customizable UI design.

Business Features

Torqus helps you manage A-Z processes of you restaurant. Torqus clearly differentiates all the processes and operations into three sectors i.e. Point of sale, head office management and supply chain management. You have enormous reports related to all the modules that allow you to make better decision to improve your business. The role based access control ensures you that the only the users with specific role are accessing the corresponding modules. The cash ledger keeps track of all the transaction you do. The highlight feature in reports is you can have profit and loss reports for each and every branch and also a consolidated profit and loss report.

POS and Order Mangement

POS module takes care of all the front end features that your restaurant requires right from order taking to completing it. You are offered with dynamic menu style with item modifiers, petty cash management, multi-user access, and many more. You can control your inventory, wastage theft from you restaurant, and appropriate tax setting. The POS section can function both in offline and online modes, and access to reports is specific to modules. You can even manage home delivery orders, and maintain reservations appropriately to avoid any issues that come around in your busy schedule or festival times. You have custom measurement conversion facility which helps to maintain the inventory level up to date. You can render service in section wise or table wise manner.

Inventory Management

The ordering feature will make you take proper buying decision based on the stock available, wastages, transfers etc. Because of torqus, all your inventory data i.e. the in-store stock, transfer stock, wastage, usage, and floating inventory are at your fingertips. You can know the amount of goods that are yet to be received, and you can maintain the purchase orders, and product deliveries with the different statuses and the product statuses like good, blocked, in transit, expired, wasted, damaged, manufacturing, and unaccounted for. You can have options to stock take, stock open and stock close as per your convenience i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly. The procurement feature is somewhat interesting each branch can request for stock through the procurement app and the stock is transferred or purchased accordingly.

Kitchen Token and Reservation management

For the orders that are raised by POS user, the kitchen tokens will be printed accordingly in kitchen printers, so that the need to roam between kitchen, table and billing counter is avoided and the waiters can concentrate more on customers. You have frequent notifications that are sent around all the areas to avoid out of stock and absence of item availability. Table and guest management becomes simpler if you manage your reservations properly. Torqus enables you to track your guests and reserved members properly by giving you the details regarding number of waiting guests, average wait time, etc. You can set your reservations priority by setting specific time for reservations, reservation list time interval, and no. of reservation that can be allowed at the set time. You are rendered with visual table map and the status color coding through which you can know the vacant table at a little glance over the table map.

Promotion and Accounting Management

Customers are back bone of each and every business and so torqus allows you to run customer centric business, while providing reports based on customer orders so as to clearly explain you the area you need to improve. The feedback app features helps you get your customer feedback and benefits you to strive your business in the right way. With your accounting module you can track your expenses, and budget, estimate cost etc. to have better financial year. You can extract consolidated sales, income, and expenditure data from each and every single outlet of your restaurant chain using Torqus.

Recipe and Additional Features

You have manufacturing feature through which you can create your recipe either on request or pre prepare it. The two processes followed in torqus are manufacturing by recipe, and manufacturing by process whereas your total yields are calculated based on the ingredient proportions and time appropriately. You might have additional features like call center integration to set your own call center for your customer queries and reservations. You can set your online ordering site and app. Unlike other software torqus provide you notification app module which sends you up to date regarding sales, accounts and inventory. You integrate third party loyalty app and program modules with torqus modules based on your need.  


You can access utmost every data from corresponding apps, and is available as installation software.  You can get your free demo after filling the submit form in contact page. You also have mobile support in which the app is customizable and designed especially for mobiles.


There is not direct pricing available for torqus POS. You need contact them through the contact section, fill the form and submit them, whereas submit your quote in the form. Torqus people will contact you regarding the pricing details.

Support and Customer care

You can contact them through the addresses available in contact page and a submit form with a message. They have clearly given map through the addresses available. You also have FAQ section for providing you the short answers for your questions.

  • Multiple chain management
  • Orders and table Management
  • Customer Database
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement management
  • Kitchen order token management
  • Recipe Management
  • Unlimited reports
  • Reservation & Online ordering
  • Promotion and offer management
  • Delivery Management
  • Multiple payment mode
  • Data Imports/Exports
  • Accounting management
  • Waiting list management
  • Torqus Restaurant Software
  • Torqus Restaurant Software

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