InnkeyPOS introduced by Innkey infosystems pvt ltd. is complete software mainly for restaurants, bars, quick service, cafeterias, and for hotels. Your entire business cycle can be managed at an ease and the software is intuitive.

Business Features

Innkey will help you manage all aspects from sales, stock, cost control, payroll and to finance.  The users can access the system based on assigned permission, and account receivables are managed along with auto generated outstanding reminder emails against your credit sales. You can choose or simplify your system with the modules you require for your business which increases your return on investment with multiple location support.

Order and Kitchen Management

Innkey POS allows you to process orders in simpler way. The waiters may not find it difficult to create, process and complete orders. It also offers you online ordering which reduces your physical store cost but renders improved revenue. You can print your order tokens in kitchen printers remotely but cannot print duplicate orders. The order tokens can be printed in different stations e.g. self-service at  guest station. Some of the order features included are split checks, flexible tax definition, discounting orders/items, additional order notes, prepaid card acceptance, multiple toppings and modifiers selection. Innkey pos also offers you to handle home delivery and takeaway orders separately with SMS and email alerts related to order confirmation and delivery.

Inventory and Recipe Management

You can track and manage each and every aspect of your inventory right from purchases, returns, stock, salvages and spoilage. Your stocks are updated immediately during processing orders or recipe preparation so as to make a better decision regarding restock orders. You can easily adjust your physical and system stock just by performing counting operation of your stock regularly which affects your next day opening stock with a stock variance report accordingly. It supports unlimited unit of measure and conversions. All stocks are updated based on process flow i.e. from request, approval, procurement, issue and finally to stock update. It can maintain individual raw material consumption against each recipe definition. The system estimates cost of each raw material based on recipe structure to generate the total cost of the menu item. Recipe cards are well maintained to make your chefs well informed about the ingredients and raw materials used in it.

Promotions Management

The customer database is centralized to the entire customer related modules i.e. takeaway, deliver, pos, promotions, banquets and customers. You can provide loyalty cards to your customers for customer specific discounts and pricing, and set happy hours to improve your sales. It gives you facility to add your own offers, combos, packages, prepaid swipe cards, and discounts. You can even share your promotions to the customers through email and SMS.

Table and Reservation Management

Your waiters can look into the customer’s, their table and its status accordingly.  And so you can handle customer waiting queue efficiently and avoid the mistake of assigning occupied table to new customer. Reservations for the tables and banquets can be effectively managed, such that the reserved table will be notified as reserved for the waiters who work with walk in orders management.

Banquet Management

Innkey offers you facility to handle complete reservation process for your banquets and outside catering. You can view your reservations for all the banquets and even their partitions, and define your menu for the banquets with just a drag and drop ability and add additional notes for them for better preparation. You can customize nay event as they way you want till it gets completed such that multiple bills for single event, additional items to menu on the event day, discounts, etc. Your accounts and advances related to banquets are effectively maintained.


You can download and install the software immediately if you have internet connection. You can monitor your business online with reports from anywhere in the world. The basic requirement is you just need as system to use innkey pos software. The instant mobile app renders up to date information about sales, cash, credits and sales.


The innkeypos is available at free of cost with no expiration limit on the trial license. They incur a monthly fee for the basic license which includes the technical supports and the cloud backup service.

Support and Customer care

The video tutorials in demo video will help you learn about the modules in detail.  FAQs’ will give you short descriptions to your questions. You can contact them through their resource center which contains contact and mailing details and a form through which you can send them a query.

  • Order Management
  • POS and table management
  • Reservation management
  • Banquet management
  • Promotional management
  • Table management
  • Recipe management
  • Kitchen management
  • Cash and cost control
  • Online and home delivery orders
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple locations
  • Mobile application
  • Unlimited reports
  • Innkey Restaurant Software
  • Innkey Restaurant Software
  • Innkey Restaurant Software
  • Innkey Restaurant Software

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