iDine is cloud based POS software especially developed by Innosolv consultancy services private limited for all types of food and beverage outlets. It helps you supervise your restaurant flow in more effective way.

Business Features

With the use of iDine POS, your restaurant is created in secured environment while being prevented from losing your restaurant information. With the reporting feature, you can understand the restaurant operations and its growth i.e. fast, slow and non-moving item identification, cash flow reports, purchases and goods receipts tracker etc. The reports can also be emailed in accordance with your wish. The finance feature takes care of all the statutory and MIS reporting while avoiding the need for accounting software.

POS and Order Mangement

You can take multiple orders at a time to reduce your customer’s waiting time, and the orders can be customized i.e. adding or deleting item without any mistake. After each successful order, the order items are directly passed to kitchen with kitchen order token. You can manage your orders table wise, process discounts and offers, split the bills according to the category or items, and receive payments in multiple methods. In single POS you can manage dine-in, take away and home delivery orders. It also offers you petty cash management ability, and multiple terminals centralization, and credit sales facility. The orders that are taken in POS are routed to kitchen to avoid double handling of orders. Your customers’ order items are passed to the corresponding kitchen assigned to it. So now chef can instantly know the active items in the order.

Inventory Management

You can store unlimited number of products and also ensure that none of the SKU is out of stock with reordering facility. Based on recipe selling and recipe production, your inventory stocks are updated. You can have n number of suppliers that can be stored without any storage restriction. You can even map your items to the respective vendor. The food and costing management is as simpler than before. The central kitchen management helps you to handle your raw material more appropriate i.e. actual production and system calculated production can be assessed and inventory can be adjusted correspondingly. You can easily track your wastages, variances, material cost, production cost and many more.

Menu Management

Your menus and the ingredients are mapped effectively to properly maintain the stock level. Your menus can be intelligently mapped to the restaurant floors. The menus are updated accordingly with just simple clicks and always the fresh menu is available to your customers.  Menu items can be described with pictures which gives your customers a pleasing menu experience. The menu price adjustment or item adjustment can have effect in your entire branch restaurants according to your wish. Menus can even be mapped to type of order i.e. take away, dine-in, and home delivery.

Additional Features

Your restaurant employees can be handled with the HR and payroll module. Their attendance, time management, payroll i.e. tax deductions, loan and advance deductions, leave calculation, TDS assessment and pay slip generation. You can assign the employees to the different department your restaurant have. Each employee can be assigned a role and corresponding responsibilities. Their annual appraisals and bonus records can be stored for future access. Fixed asset management ability helps you in handling asset location and custodian, capital budgeting, multiple depreciation rates and many more. You can handle your banquets and customer events i.e. event billing, employee task assignment, food and beverage costing, and wastage calculation.


IDine is available both as desktop and cloud based application software that can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms to have effective control on your business.


There is no specific pricing available in the site. You can send your query through submit form available in their website.

Support and Customer care

The support and customer care are rendered through mobile numbers and email ID given in the contact section

  • POS and Billing Management
  • Inventory and stock Management
  • Purchases
  • Wastage management
  • HR and payroll
  • Banquets and events
  • Multiple branches
  • Multiple currencies
  • Customer Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Offer and discounts management
  • Kitchen management
  • Menu Engineering management
  • iDine Restaurant Software
  • iDine Restaurant Software
  • iDine Restaurant Software
  • iDine Restaurant Software

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