RPOS 6 is web-based, intuitive software developed by gofrugal technologies, and allows you to track and manage branch-wise sale orders, purchases, inventory and stock, receivables, profits and reports etc. from a central location to increase your revenue and control your expenses.

Business Features

RPOS helps and guides you in the right way to improve your business, while it takes care of all your management aspects irrespective of number of branches. The multiple chain management features consolidates all the various branch data and renders an integrated analysis of sales, inventory and purchase. The unlimited reports include ingredients utilization versus physical stock, Top 'N' recipe sales, customers and suppliers, pilferage reports and many more to take appropriate measure to improve the business.

POS and Waiting list management

The order management is such a simpler one with the servjoy app developed by gofrugal. Waiters walking time between table, kitchen and billing counter is avoided while serving more number of customers.    So now you are prevented from missing any KOT token, avoiding billing of an item, missing a table for billing, etc. The easy and intuitive UI enables your waiter to view all the tables and their corresponding status, whereas on the other side you can serve the take-away and delivery orders accordingly. You can merge and shift tables as per your convenience. With your well-designed POS you can improve orders per day and items per bill whereas you can provide instant discounts, tips handling, modifiers and toppings addition, offers and discounts and handle the order in more intelligent way.

Recipe and Menu Management

Preparing recipe is as simple as eating them it seems funny but it is true with RPOS 6. Your chefs will never miss nay ingredient for any recipes at any time irrespective of the unit of measures the ingredients have. Food costing will be appropriate based on the usage and wastage analysis, and the pizza flow and the production department will be operated in a better way than before. You can print your menus specifically to kitchen stations i.e. veg menu for veg station and non-veg for non-veg station and you have your own menu code, name and the menu items.

Promotions Management

You can configure and provide any number of offers and promotions that are specific to your store. The facilities you have in gofrugal are creating custom combo packs, coupons, vouchers, and offers for different groups like students, corporate, regular, etc. You can also send email and SMS regarding the offers that are intended to specific group, concerned person or to all the customers. Happy hour is an advantage through which you can gain orders and customers at a specific time when you feel your store is down.

Inventory and Manufacturing Management

RPOS 6 will never make your ingredients and stock to be out of availability. The product master and tax master hold all the data related to products and tax you use in your store. You can print your own barcode labels and print them accordingly. The stock is up to date based on your recipe production and sales. Modifier mapping is available to map proper modifiers to the items. You can physically or systematically update the stock availability based on your convenience. Auditing of inventory helps you plan properly for the inventory that is needed for production.  The actual manufacture and their costing are properly managed. Your purchase orders, suppliers, receipts, purchase returns, reordering and purchase approval and acknowledgement are managed effectively.

Delivery Management

Since most of the people now are busy, delivery orders are the ultimate one that increases your revenue. RPOS 6 allows you to track orders appropriately with the delivery date/time, additional requirements, advance receipt details, and delivery boy process till delivering the order to customer. You can manage your vehicles that are used for delivery purpose.


You have the options to choose your own feature that are specific to your restaurant. You can manage all the stores through the centralized server with the capability auto synchronize data of all stores with server. Real time data is available to take proper decisions at appropriate time.


All the versions are available as free trial for 30days. The starter version costs about Rs. 15000 without delivery, promotions, recipe and multiple branches management and with most of the features as add on. The standard version costs about Rs. 25000 with most of the features as add on and the available features are inventory, reports, and multiple branch management. The professional version cost about Rs. 60000 with maximum features readily available and some as add-ons.

Support and Customer care

Gofurgal has myGoFrugal app to get all your support needs via mobile, whereas the support need may be a service requirement, product enquiry, quote initiation, etc. You have live chat in website through which you can get your queries cleared immediately. You can track your complaints through compliant ID and your complaints are routed based on its severity and it department. The customer can also give their feedback through which gofrugal treats and improves their way of giving solutions to the problems. The head office address is available in contact section with a submit form.

  • Sales Management
  • Purchases and reorder management
  • Multiple branches management
  • Delivery and parcel management
  • Inventory management
  • Online store integration with POS
  • CRM and promotions management
  • Business intelligence and analytic reports
  • Admin and security management
  • Recipe management
  • Menu management
  • Financial accounting
  • Reports
  • Statutory management
  • Gofrugal RPOS 6 Restaurant Software
  • Gofrugal RPOS 6 Restaurant Software
  • Gofrugal RPOS 6 Restaurant Software
  • Gofrugal RPOS 6 Restaurant Software

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