Ezee burrp is designed for restaurants of all types ranging from quick service like cafeteria and fast food chains, to full service like bars, fine dining, and nightclubs. It helps you to manage all your locations or a single in a simpler and better way.

Business Features

The dashboard is designed in such a way to give you a better overall view of your business. You can get all the reports including POS, cashier sales, transactions, inventory, sales, and promotions, etc. All your restaurant actions are synched properly and effectively supervised to make you relieved from changing even a small thing in all the locations. The user permission and access details are safeguarded from unauthorized access. You can integrate ezee burrp with accounting software like quickbooks, xero, sage, etc.

Order Management

You can take different types orders through different modes offered by Ezee burrp. The dine-in mode allows you to directly take orders, transfer order between waiters, view the table arrangements, table reservation status, and gives you the ability to assign specific table to a waiter who has no orders to make your customer experience a cherish able one. You can process your delivery orders and maintain your customers who are regular and specific to delivery. With the built-in map router, you can even guide your delivery boy with the route to the customer’s place. The take-away orders can be processed and the kiosk mode enhances and encourages your customer to order more and order what they are looking for, which saves your labor expense and waiter errors. You do not need to worry about the paper tokens or words of mouth raised by waiters to kitchen masters which increases the possibility of missing any token, ezee burrp’s kitchen display system erases your worry by displaying it in the system and enabling the kitchen master to pick, drop, remove and complete any order. You can give your waiters an added advantage of providing room service, giving them credits based on settings, and charging for bill or tips, etc.

Inventory Management

Your inventory and item levels are automatically updated based on the consumption, and you can also manually change the quantity levels based on your physical count. It also helps you to avoid over stock and under stock scenarios in your restaurant, and now you can transfer any of your items and inventory between stock rooms, departments, or different locations. Rates for your items can be set and customized based on last purchase, average and weighted average.

POS and Table Management

Your restaurant billing cycle and the queuing process are made easier to gain your customer strength. You will find all the options that are needed at your hand while processing the bill, which includes splitting a bill based on item, amount or as per customer need, adding or voiding an item, accepting different payment options, etc. You can view the status of the table on the go to reduce your restaurant waitlist and fasten your billing transactions as soon as possible. Managing the tables per customer is also an added advantage.

Item and Menu Management

Ezee burrp enables you to create multiple menus as per your locations and restaurant standards. You can view any type of menu at your convenient time and customize them as per your wish, such as adding any item from any category to any menu. Item modifiers are the great way to exactly provide and satisfy your customer as per their wish. You can set item specific or order-type specific tax and also set different item rates for happy hours based on the settings.

Promotion and Banquet Management

Ezee burrp enables you to concentrate marketing your offers and wish your customers on their special occasions i.e. birthday, anniversaries, etc. through SMS and Email. The higher level management also gets detailed report of day to day activities in all the locations. You can have your customers stuck with your shop with gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and prepaid cards. You can set packages, define banquet and event specific menu, and invoice and payment of conference packages for allowing your customer to efficiently plan for their event.


Ezee burrp is convenient cloud-based, on premise and mobile-based software. The software can well integrate with KOT Printers, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Touch Screen Hardware, Customer Display Pole, PDA, Finger Print devices, Caller ID, Barcode Scanner and other hardware. The installation process is such simpler, and you can try them using test data environment for better understanding of ezee burrp.


You do not have any direct pricing or plan in the site. You should quote for a price and you will have freedom to choose the required and necessary features/modules. And so ezee burrp promises you to avoid paying the cost for stuff that are really not needed and they do not incur any extra charges for choosing your own features and modules.

Support and Customer care

It releases regular product updates and also you will be getting emails regarding the updates they release. All your product updates are available at free of cost.

You have 24*7 are through various types of customer supports as listed below

  • Live chat – You will get your queries solved immediately after submitting your name, email ID, phone number and property name through a form.
  • On-site support – This will display you all the relevant details you need to contact Ezee burrp like contact address and numbers of head office and regional offices with a regular contact us form.
  • Email – You can also mail through outlook or through support@ezeetechnosys.com
  • Online Demo – This will allow you to download ezee burrp at free of cost for 30 days
  • Online training and online product presentation – You can book your training or presentation on any day at your convenience while providing your contact details.
  • Skype: ezeetechnologies
  • POS and Order Management
  • Table Management
  • Customer Database
  • Recipe Costing
  • Menu Management
  • Ingredient and Material Management
  • Kitchen Display system
  • Payroll Management
  • Waitlist Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Web based Reporting
  • Promotions and gift vouchers
  • Delivery orders
  • Banquet Management
  • Multi language support
  • Offline mode
  • Ezee burrp Restaurant Software
  • Ezee burrp Restaurant Software
  • Ezee burrp Restaurant Software
  • Ezee burrp Restaurant Software
  • Ezee burrp Restaurant Software

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