Winsar Infosoft is in business since 2001 and provides comprehensive software solutions for the hospitality industry covering various aspects of operations. It serves around 1300+ clients and its been used in 20+ countries and supports all the modules that a hotel software needs. The best thing to admire about this software is that because it is divided in to three categories according to the requirements of the users. They are WINHMS Express, WINHMS Professional and WINHMS Enterprise. The WINHMS Express Solution is ideal for small and medium sized Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Serviced Apartments and handles operations in an easy and an effective way with minimal hardware resources. The WINHMS Professional solution is focused on automating all essential activities of medium and large sized hotels, resorts and serviced apartments. It is a total ERP solution providing effective, automated control of operations at the property level. WINHMS Enterprise Solution is designed to handle high volumes of transactions with ease. It is tailored to Five Star Hotels, Hotel Groups, Chains and Large Sized Hotels to maintain a uniform corporate culture across borders.      

Ease of use

WINHMS Express

This software is modularised in order to provide scalability and the ability to grow with the changing needs of the property. It is packed with a solution that enhances staff efficiency, which results in better guest satisfaction and increased revenue.

WINHMS Professional

The included modules cover the management needs of all key departments for both front and back office systems. The advantage of WINHMS Professional software is that the system provides seamless workflow between all related departments for flawless inter-departmental operations and control.

WINHMS Enterprise

All the departmental operations are controlled and monitored and the property operations are extensively covered. The system provides corporate-level decision supporting tools and manages operations in an easier way across groups.

Help & Support

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Address: No. 4, 2nd Crescent Park Street, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,

Chennai - 600 020 INDIA

Phone:  +91 98840 17305

Mail ID: sales@winhms.com

Support portal: http://www.winhms.com/support.html

  • Front Office
  • House Keeping
  • Call Monitoring
  • Mobile Application (Guest Interaction)
  • Back office
  • General ledger (accounts)
  • MIS & budgeting
  • Asset tracking
  • Material management
  • Purchasing
  • F & B costing
  • Point of Sale
  • Table reservation system
  • Human resources
  • Specialised modules like feedback, gatepass, membership, spa, banquet, task management etc.,