Prologic first’s WISH is an integrated hotel management software solution that caters to the needs of most functions of a hotel. This allows the data to flow across departments electronically and in an accurate way. All the database resides on a single server which is helpful to reduce investment and makes system administration easier. It splits in to four divisions such as Room division, Food& Beverages, Minor department, and back office. It also takes away the pain of multi-vendor integration but offers the convenience of a single helpdesk which can respond to all the technical support needs.  The users of WISH hotek management software ranges across the most luxury resort hotels, busy business hotels, limited service/budget properties and services apartments. It may be deployed at each hotel property and hotel chains could host this software at a data centre accessed by each property to provide a reliable and efficient data network.

Ease of use

It leverages Microsoft .NET technology in order to deliver unparalleled usability and productivity. The front office functions are consolidated into a single workspace and many tools and data are available on sliding panels. Users can navigate through fewer forms and accomplish more with minimal effort. Training is not much required and the interface is very simple and it can connect with a variety of models of devices like telephones, Internet, GDS, electronic locks and interactive TV. One more boon is that using mobile WISH the managers can check daily flash reports, revenue history and VIPs in- house from anywhere. All the up to date information will be present there.

Help & Support

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  • Front Office
  • Guest Response Management
  • Call Accounting
  • Voice Mail
  • Internet Access & Billing
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales & Catering
  • F&B Costing
  • Spa / Health Club
  • Business Centre
  • Internet Reservations
  • GDS/IDS Interface
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Prologic first Hotel Management Software
  • Prologic first Hotel Management Software
  • Prologic first Hotel Management Software
  • Prologic first Hotel Management Software