Minimal accounting knowledge to use QuickBooks. Do not need any software to be installed to use QuickBooks.

Presents file-size issues. Offers various pricing for integrating QuickBooks with add-ons and upgrading the software

The Verdict:10

Well designed online accounting software for managing small businesses and provides enhanced accounting and bookkeeping experience to enterprise owners with clear idea of their profitability level and with accurate financial condition of company.

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit to provide advanced invoicing, reporting, expense tracking, billing, payment tracking and payroll management for small business including managing payroll, inventory and taxes and for developing start-ups and well entrenched medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks Online provides apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices and allows you to manage customers, suppliers, employees, inventory and accounting. The company dashboard is well designed to easily view the current status and health of your business. The user interface with fewer secondary menus is simple and unified across each product. You can also set up tax account specific to your industry and it provides you option to combine two taxes and apply them at the same time by setting up group rate with single code, so both the taxes are calculated and charged, but are tracked in their own separate accounts.

Accounting and Enterprise Features

QuickBooks creates pleasant, attractive and professional invoices using various easily customizable invoice templates. It benefits you in providing complete traditional accounting solution such as the ability to track customers, suppliers and employees and to track sales and inventory. It allows you to create statements and send emails of invoices to selected or batch of customers in scheduled and automatic manner and to convert estimates into invoices. You can create invoice, sales receipt, estimate, charge, time activity and statements for customers and can make payment, create bill and expense and write cheque for suppliers.

QuickBooks offers support for multiple concurrent users, inventory and payroll and enables you to add bank account details and credit card information for automatically downloading the account transactions directly into QuickBooks Online for organizing the finances. This accounting software provides you several reporting options for keen business insights and accurate tax preparation. You can customize your forms of invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, sales orders, statements, purchase orders and estimates to run your business more efficiently. Tax reports, profit and loss report, report representing company snapshot, reconciliation reports, payroll statutory reports and report representing sales, expenses and purchases are easily created.

Remote Access and Additional Business Services

QuickBooks provides apps for iPad, iPhone and android mobile devices for enabling remote access to your company information. The mobile apps provides functionality relating primarily to your customers and provides you the ability to access various areas within QuickBooks, including customers, suppliers, employees and more. The functionality includes activities such as viewing, adding or editing customer information, creating invoices and receiving payments. The mobile apps has restrictions to fewer options in QuickBooks. You can add photos and notes of your associated expense to QuickBooks. The mobile app for iPhone accepts electronic signature to approve estimates on the spot.

QuickBooks includes several add-ons to help your small businesses from fine-tuning strategy and automating aspects of inventory management to setting up store in social networking website, lowering shipping costs, and more. The add-ons include payroll, online and mobile payment processing, point of sale, finance, and more. Advanced SOS inventory add-on provides your businesses with inventory management, sales order processing, and manufacturing support tools. Transaction pro importer offers efficient field-mapping utility and lets you edit and validate data before importing, so you can deal with problems before they mess up your QuickBooks file. Third-party suppliers also provides several add-ons that include bill paying, eCommerce integrations, better inventory tool, order synchronization and time tracking, etc. QuickBooks online offers app store to satisfy your requirements.


The cost of QuickBooks online is Rs. 4999 per year. The payroll add-on when integrated with QuickBooks costs about a range of Rs.20-Rs.50 per month per employee. The zapstitch add-on costs about range of $19-$99 per month. The constant contact add-on costs about range of $20-$395 per month. The TSheets add-on costs about range of $10-$100 per month. The SOS inventory add-on costs about range of $29-$99. The DEAR inventory add-on costs about range of $25-$50.


QuickBooks avoids need for accountant to take great burden away from the difficulties of running your business and saves your amount of time spent in keeping the books. It requires minimal accounting knowledge to use QuickBooks and eliminates the need to double-check the data. You can export company details to and import company details from other accounting software such as xero, sage, etc. and you do not need any software to be installed in your computer to use QuickBooks.


The mobile app for QuickBooks does not include time tracker which results in need to utilize third-party app. QuickBooks presents file-size issues and offers various pricing for integrating QuickBooks with add-ons and upgrading the software. It does not offer you the complete POS functionalities.

Time Saving Feature

QuickBooks can reduce the amount of time spent in managing your books. QuickBooks automatically schedules deliverable invoices for your regular customers and tailors your invoice information to comply with your business need. Numerous features including auto-fill boxes, search and help options, drop down menus and tax calculators are provided. You can import details of customers, suppliers and employers individually or in batches by uploading excel file matching the fields in QuickBooks. You can save, print and email professional invoices to your customers and get paid in time by configuring invoices that allow customers to pay their bills online using Intuit payment network. QuickBooks automatically enters debits and credits and learns to categorize transactions for saving your time. It automatically creates accountant reports and allows to preview them before printing. The feature of money bar in customers and supplier tabs allows you to quickly view the amount of paid and overdue invoices, open bills and amount paid to customers.


QuickBooks online increases customer confidence and decreases inaccuracy in creating invoices, tax preparation and more. It is well designed for managing small businesses and provides enhanced accounting and bookkeeping experience to enterprise owners with clear idea of their profitability level and with accurate financial condition of company. You are provided with live chat options and options to send email regarding your queries to QuickBooks support. QuickBooks online includes several automated features, mobile features and insightful reports. The remote access to your business information prevents you from being in your office to connect with your customers. Company scorecard includes comparison of your profitability, sales growth and cash flow to other companies in your industry and snapshot includes display of your income and expenses in year-over-year comparisons using pie charts and bar graphs.


  • Work with multiple

  • Works on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android

  • Automatic data backup

  • Anytime, anywhere online access

Get Started Easily:

  • Free Customer support

  • No accounting knowledge necessary

  • Import customer data from Excel

  • Import from QuickBooks desktop

  • Import customer details individually or in batches

  • Import company information from other accounting software.

Income and Expenses tracker:

  • Create & manage invoices

  • Track sales & expenses

  • Set up sales tax

  • Manage transactions including banking and chart of accounts

  • Print checks

  • Run payroll

  • Print payslip individually or in batches

  • Track payments

  • Export data to Excel

  • Customer centre

  • one-click 40+ business reports

  • Accept credit cards

  • Bank reconciliation

Stay on top of your Business:

  • Connect your bank and credit card accounts

  • Automated invoicing

  • Create estimates

  • Payment reminder

  • Create & manage bills

  • Business trends for your industry

  • Company Snapshot, Scorecard

  • Delayed billing

  • Permission controls

  • Customized invoices

  • Instant support to mail the customers, suppliers and employees

  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016
  • Quickbooks Online accounting software, Review 2016

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