9 ATC 15/30-METAL

ATC 15/30-metal is a table top scale built by Accurate electronics with a capacity of about 15/30 kg and a high bright LED display and offered at economical and afford able price. The rechargeable battery provides a longer backup, and it also indicates you when overload occurs. It offers you auto zero tracking facility, piece counting facility and Nett/ Gross facility. The look of the ATC series is designed to be strong and aesthetic.  The dome keys used in the ATC series have extended life period. The size of pan is about 250 x 300 mm, with III class grade. It is attained with high resolution and fast response time.


Supermarkets, groceries, and other retail stores. 

  • ATC 15/30-metal weighing scale review 2016

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ATC 15/30-metal, weighing scale review 2016