High speed and reliable receipt printing at an affordable value. Equipped with high quality printing mechanism and enclosed by sturdy, small foot-print casing.

Delivers average performance and can print only 48 characters per line.

Tysso PRP-080 is a durable direct thermal receipt printer ideal for retail environments, built by Fametech Inc. (Tysso).  The printing method and supply method used are thermal line printing and drop-in paper roll respectively, and the direction of printing is unidirectional with friction feed. The maximum label width and the effective print width are 79.5 mm and 72 mm respectively. It can print the receipts at a speed range of about 160mm-220mm/sec, and also supports print data in page mode, black/white reverse printing mode, macro printing, and transmit status. It offers printing with 90 degree rotation and supports two cash drawer connection. It has three indicator LEDs for Power, error, and paper roll out options, and one panel button for feed option. You can also download NV image and you have a dip switch to select Chinese/ASCII mode. It produces acoustic noise of about 50dB and approx. 40dB when using and not using auto cutter respectively. The printing speeds are switched automatically depending on the voltage applied to the printer and head temperature conditions.

The interfaces that are supported by Tysso PRP-080 are serial port, parallel port, USB port and cash drawer connection port. The dimensions of the PRP-080 are 190mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 147mm (H) and its weight is approx. 1.4 kg. It is completely compatible with EPSON ESC/POS command sets command sets such as logo image downloading and check-printer-status. The characters can be scaled up to 8times larger than standard size. It requires supply voltage of about +24 VDC 8% (optional power supply). It offers life span of about 15,000,000 lines, thermal head life span of 100 million pulses, 100km, and auto cutter life of about 1 million cuts. It is expected to give you a mean time before failure (MTBF) of about 360,000 hours and mean cycle before failure (MCBF) of about 52 million lines. The paper roll size can be maximum 83m, and inside and outside paper roll spool diameter can be 12 mm (.47") and 18 mm (.71") respectively.


  • User friendly, easy to install paper roll.
  • High speed and reliable receipt printing at an affordable value.
  • Equipped with high quality printing mechanism and enclosed by sturdy, small foot-print casing.
  • User-defined buffer (both for user-defined characters and user-defined bit images): 12K bytes and receive buffer useable: 20K bytes.
  • Halt-on protect function for over heat
  • ESC/POS print commands fully compatible
  • Native fonts in multi-languages


Retail, Point-of-Sale, accounting, kitchen printing, lottery receipt printing, electronic scale printing, hospitality printing, and other slip-printing applications.

  • Character per line: 48 (Font A)/64 (Font B)
  • Maximum label width:  79.5mm
  • Beep sound warning indication.
  • Current consumption (at 24V)
    • High speed mode:  Mean: Approximately 1.8A (Character font A -N, capital letters, 36-character rolling pattern, 42 columns printing)
    • Peak: Approximately 8A       
    • Low power consumption mode:
    • Mean: Approximately 1.2A
    • Peak: Approximately 6.6 A  Standby:
    • Mean: Approximately 0.2A
  • Operating temperature: 0 degrees C to +45 degrees C
  • Storage temperature: -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
  • Print speed:  Print density:  576 dots/line
  • Character spacing (default):Font A: 0.25 mm (.01") (2 dots)
  • Dot density: 203 dpi
  • Character Cell Size: 12 x 24
  • Roll Dimensions: 79.5mm +/- 0.5mm (W) x 83mm (Dia)
  • Tysso PRP-080, receipt printer review 2016
  • Tysso PRP-080, receipt printer review 2016

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Tysso PRP-080 receipt printer review 2016