Multi-color printing capability. Larger build area.

Touchscreen display is smaller in size. Expensive materials and running cost.

Design and Features

CubePro is designed by 3D systems to provide the better digital design and fabrication solution and has three version, single, duo and trio i.e. with one to three extruders. It includes triple extruder for multi-color printing. You can have your prototype model as it is available in your model as you designed. Since it has three extruders it is understood that you can have three colored model with three material options to have similar object that can be used for your application purposes. It accommodates the LED color touch screen display to enhance the control of print job. The set up option in the touchscreen enables you to check the print status, install cartridges and check its status, configure the printer, and connect to a network. You can also easily perform print jet and print plate calibrations by carefully following the instructions given in your user manual.

All your print job processes are undergone in controlled process environment to provide improved accuracy in printing the prototype with professional quality. The largest build size helps you build bigger prototypes, while providing you a simpler cartridge feed. The cube pro software compatible with windows and Mac OS renders you the ability to convert your file to .cubepro format which is easily read by your printer thereby providing the exact object in the file. You can just import your file, do changes i.e. orienting, scaling, rotating, and sizing, if required and start your print job.

For instant you can try printing the models available here. It employs cooling process to cool the print jets after print completion. You also have status bar indicating the print status and you can pause, resume and cancel a print job as per your wish before the print job is completed. Leveling the print jet nozzles is very important to ensure quality prints especially after replacing a print jet, an extruder assembly or the print pad.

Filament and Connectivity

The filaments you can use with the cube pro are available in multiple colors and the materials you can use are PLA, ABS, Nylon, and infinity. You can connect your printer through USB port and Wi-Fi and the printer can easily be connected to the existing network or an ad hoc can be created. You can print files through USB storage device. The interesting feature from 3D systems are the filaments they sell are recyclable so the customers upon returning the waste filaments helps them in having some discount while buying new one.

Customer Care

You can mail them and contact them relating to your queries through the contact details provided in the site. They have printer support portals and 3D systems community for issues and query solving. They have supports for material enquiry, maintenance support and for software center.

  • Dimensions: 57.8(w) x 59.1(h) x 57.8(d) cm
  • Weight: 41kg (single), 43kg (duo), 44kg (trio)
  • Build Size: 28.54(w) x 23(h) x 27.04(d) cm (Single), 24.29(w) x 23(h) x 27.04(d) cm (Duo), and 20.04(w) x 23(h) x 27.04(d) cm (trio).
  • Z axis resolution: 0.100mm
  • Layer thickness: 70 microns, 200 microns and 300 microns for fast mode.
  • Print Speed: 15mm per second
  • Power requirements: 100-240v AC
  • Max operating temperature: 536°F / 280°C
  • Filament: PLA, ABS, dissolvable natural PLA
  • CubePro Software compatibility: Windows, and Mac OS.
  • Print technology: Plastic jet printing
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