No need of desktop computer. 7 inch touch screen loaded with on board software and user intuitive interface.

It does not support any other filaments except PLA. Scanning time and printing time might be slower. Only one material can be used at a time.

Design and Features

Zeus is a reliable and user friendly 3D printer/scanner satisfies all your print and scan needs. It is incorporated with 7inch touch screen and on-board computer with in-built on board slicer software, so that you need not look for special connection, software installation process, etc. The thunderbolt extruders with quick swap and replace capability distinct your printer from the competitors. This printer/scanner gives you the ability to scan, print, edit and share files just by clicking a button and will be very useful in major educational and professional applications. The on board computer has quad core 1.7 processor and thus you do not have need of external personal computer. The slicer software is pre-loaded for increasing your convenience. You can simply load, prepare, slice and print any files of type STL and AIO easily from USB, or over Wi-Fi. The internal storage offered for you is 8 GB which can also be extended till 16 GB.

The design includes a dual cooling mechanism to avoid printer failure and unexpected changes in print output. The smart auto-probing will remove the need for manually leveling the heat bed so that the print quality will be nice with the use of non-proprietary PLA at 80 microns resolution. In spite of just printing, scanning of physical objects will help you in building real engineering prototypes and objects. It incorporates various sensors to prevent over heating of print bed, auto level the bed, etc. and hence favors you in having little maintenance and better printing technology experience. The surprising feature is your printer can work even if you do not have internet connection. You have downloadable 3D model available in the printer that can be used through on board search function. You can all the operations that can be done in personal computer right from the zeus printer.

Filament and Connectivity

The filament that is been supported by this printer/scanner is PLA as it is considered as green plastic because of its bio degradable, renewable and non-toxic properties. The connectivity options offered for you are USB, ETHERNET, and WI-FI.

Customer Care

You have a report button in the printer from which you can directly report your queries to the customer care team. It comes with competitive warranty package and offers 24 X 7 customer support. You must contact them with your quote through the details available here. You can also look through the tutorials, online manuals available in the site


  • Scan Technology: Swiping Laser Triangulation
  • Scan Volume: Up to 23 CM (diameter) x 13 CM (h) [9×5 IN]
  • Scan Resolution: 125 μm
  • On board storage: 8 GB eMMC and 16 GB Micro-SD slot
  • Turntable Payload: 2 Kgs [4.4 lbs]


  • Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Build Volume: 20.3 x 15.2 x 14.4 CM [8.0 x 6.0 x 5.7 IN]
  • Layer Resolution: 80 μm
  • Supported Material: PLA
  • Print File Type: .STL and .AIO
  • Scan output type: PLY/OBJ/STL/AIO
  • Speed: Min. 40 mm/s & Max 160 mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm diameter


  • Product Dimensions: 54.9 x 37.5 x 38.8 CM [21.6 x 14.8 x 15.3 IN]
  • Camera: 2-MP Full-HD CMOS camera
  • Touchscreen: 18 CM [7 IN] Multi-touch color
  • Computer: Exynos 4412, Quad Core 1.7 GHz


  • Thumb Drive: USB, ETHERNET, WI-FI
  • Compatible: Windows/Mac/Linux Compatible
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