Look and Model

Torlen TOR 179 is a professional 2000W hair ceramic dryer manufactured with ceramic technology and offered at cost of about Rs. 1800 - 2500. The ceramic technology is adapted not only to just produce infrared heat it helps in delivering heat evenly and retaining the moisture of your hair. The weight of dryer is about 0.76 kg and has long life AC motor for better styling performance and freeing from much noise. You can shed all the water from your hair in couple of minutes and it doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. The 3m cord will help you take your most comfort and favorable position while you use the dryer to dry and style. The cord prevents it from tangling and damaging. It has user friendly design with its small and compact size. It has three heat settings and two speed settings which makes it extremely flexible and suits your hair type. With this heat and speed settings, you can dry or style your hair according to your convenience and comfort and set the style of your hair. You can choose a stronger heat setting to lock a hairstyle in place. The ceramic technology will make your hair more smooth and shiner. The cool shot button offered delivers cold air on your hair and helps you in setting the preferred hairstyle in place with reduced frizz. The removable filter will increase the lifespan of hairdryer and makes your cleaning and maintenance jobs easier. The hang-up loop will allow you to place the dryer in the convenient place. It is well suited for drying both short and long hairs.


The length of tangle free cord is very long i.e. about 3m long, so that you no need to stand in small confined place and you can comfortably use the dryer however you want. It offers two concentrators for quicker drying according to your preference.

Product Care and Service

The Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer has 2 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. You can contact the support center through the contact numbers, email address, and the contact form given in their website

  • Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer review India 2016
  • Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer review India 2016
  • Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer review India 2016