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Modified: 30 April 2016

Nappy pads are vitally important and absolutely necessary for all the moms with their little darlings. Basically nappy pads are the ones that absorb urine and keep your baby dry without any leakage. There are various nappy pads available in market and the most common are cloth nappy pads and disposable diapers. Frequent change of nappies and nappy pads will keep your baby away from infections, rashes and wetness that are cause due to wee and poo from baby, and will also be a fun and enjoyable moment for you. You can also use nappy liners which act as a perfect shield for either cloth nappy pad or disposable diaper, to make your baby free wetness caused by the nappies below it. Parents will always love to give the best for their little prince/princess, and they settle in choosing either cloth diaper or disposable diaper. You can avoid the nappy rashes if you the change the diapers frequently.

Eco-healthy diaper, healthier for your baby and environment!!!

Types of cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are good for both baby and environment, while existing in various colors. It may seem like traditional method but it is the best for babies, your baby will feel wet sometimes but his/her health is not affected severely like disposable diapers. You can use the cloth nappy pad in a cotton nappy and the cloth nappy pad can absorb more urine and little more with nappy liners, and the baby will not feel the wetness. The famous cloth diapers are terry nappies, pre-fold, fitted cloth nappies, pocket nappies, and all-in one nappy. You can also look into material that is made of like muslin and bird’s eye suits well for newborns, bamboo terry and cotton terry for initial months and poly/cotton for later months. You have snappi i.e. diaper/nappy fastener for fastening the cloth diapers and hook and loop and polyresin snaps are other fasteners used in cloth diapers.

Terry nappies – Usually in square shape and must be folded in various formats to fit for a baby. Terry nappies must be covered with a cotton nappy. Most of the parents need some fasteners/pins for fitting the terry nappies.

    Terry NappiesTerry Nappies

Pre-fold cloth diapers– Usually folded in rectangular shape and can be stuck to or inserted into pocket nappies or any cotton nappy, while it can be folded in shape that fits your baby size. It requires fastener or hook to fit. It is available in various materials like cotton, micro-fiber, bamboo and organic fabrics and requires only straightforward fold.

 Pre-Fold Cloth DiapersPre-Fold Cloth Diapers

Fitted cloth diapers– Usually comes with a various absorbent layers inserted with it, little bulkier in shape but does not have waterproof layer. You need to buy some waterproof cover for this. It is costlier than pre-fold nappy pad. You need not worry about fastening the diaper since it comes with fastening pins. Most of the fitted nappies are of fixed size so you must buy the size that suits your baby. These are made from natural fibers like cotton, bamboo or hemp.

    Fitted cloth diapersFitted cloth diapers

Pocket cloth diaper – Usually comes with pocket inside the diaper and a waterproof cover, this was the first innovative cloth diaper which can absorb lot more urine of the baby. You can insert a terry nappy, pre-fold or any other nappy absorbent pad inside the pocket which will reduce the diaper change time. But the pocket diaper will be little bulky and it does not require any cover. You can fasten it easily and can wash and dry the absorbent part separately which reduces the drying time. It comes in various sizes and designs.

  Pocket cloth diaper Pocket cloth diaper

All-in-one nappy – Requires no folding, fastening, extra absorbent stuffing, and waterproof cover, so it will be ease and more convenient for you to use. It comes in various designs to tit various size of the babies. These nappies are worn as usual like disposable diapers. It has increased absorption and time and reduced diaper changing time.  But it will take much time to get dried.

               All-in-one nappyAll-in-one nappy

All in two or hybrid diaper – Usually comes with waterproof cover and absorbent pad/cloth insert. It is best since you can insert a cloth or disposable pad based on your wish and the situation. The design of integrated covers and custom-fitted inserts are better option for parents but still you need some experience for this. It increases the comfort and flexibility of cloth diapering without any fastening issue.

  All in two or hybrid diaperAll in two or hybrid diaperAll in two or hybrid diaper

Disposable Diapers

The disposable diapers are not much recommended for babies since it need some proper care after usage and during use and it generally have plastic layer, super-absorbent chemicals, and inner liner. But the disposable diapers are good ones for preventing baby form wetness for longer duration and holding much more urine than cloth diapers. Your laundry load can be reduced and the time to notice your baby’s bottom. It is expensive than cloth nappy pads, and available in various brands like huggies, pampers, etc. The disposable diapers are moreover similar to women’s sanitary pads. It will be more convenient to use than cloth diapers and the chance of rashes development and some infection is high and so it is advised to avoid disposable diapers. It affects the baby health and environment. The time the baby contacts with urine or faeces is reduced with the use of disposable diapers.

Bio degradable diapers are also available but are little costly than ordinary disposable diapers and do not use any chemical absorption factors and get decomposed quickly. The available materials are bamboo, paper pulp and fabric.

Do’s while changing nappy

While changing nappy, some of the actions make you and your baby happy and comfortable.  You can give him /her a toy with which she enthusiastically plays or hang a mobile with your baby picture or any video which will definitely grasp your toddler’s eye towards the mobile, in the mean time you can happily change the nappy pad or diaper without any confess. Use diaper wipes to clean the baby after he/she defecates.

Make baby feel the importance of care!!

Some of the disposable diapers are

Pampers and huggies are the popular brands in India and other countries for disposable diapers. Some other brands in India are mamy poko pants, liberoHimalayapigeon,chiccobella baby and in countries other India are earth’s besthonest company and broody chick.

Some of the cloth diapers are

  1. Flip diapers in India and other countries
  2. Bumchum diapers
  3. Bumberry diapers
  4. Charlie Banana diapers (India and other countries)
  5. Applecheeks (India and other countries)
  6. Bumgenius (Available in India and other countries)
  7. Johnson nappy pad
  8. Snuggybaby

The famous ecommerce sites for baby diaper in India are first cry and babyoye and in countries other than India are cotton babies.

You can find the cloth diapers from countries other than India here and in India clothdiaershop and buybuybaby and buy ecocloth diapers in India.

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