Can I use Nappy Cream on my little darling's bottom

Modified: 30 April 2016

Nappy cream will become an essential one if your baby has rashes or any reddish marks in his/her bottoms. It is recommended to avoid using the baby nappy cream till any rash or red mark develops in the baby’s bottom. The main reason for nappy rash is due to the wetness that is remained in baby bottom due to wee and poo, nappy rubbing against your baby skin, wipes with improper ingredients and any new antibiotic creams. Most probably, your baby can have rashes or reddish marks when they are in between nine and twelve months. You must choose the nappy cream carefully such that it should prevent the causes of irritation, provide more comfort, and help skin recovery. Rashes are very usual in babies if you constantly use disposable diapers. Even if you change the diaper often there may be 100% chances for rashes development, so if you are the constant diaper user better apply the nappy cream once in every two to three diaper change. The red and inflamed look in the baby’s bottom is an identification rashes development which will then affect the skin on his/her thighs and bottom.

The use of barrier cream is a better idea to prevent rashes. You must use it before your baby wears a nappy, and just a small portion of barrier cream is enough to prevent the reach of wee and poo to your baby’s skin. The combined reaction of wee and poo is cent percent bad for the skin in baby bottom. It is your responsible to make sure that your baby is clean irrespective of whether he/she has wet themselves or done a poo. The essential ingredient you have to check in nappy cream is zinc oxide which helps in healing the chapped skin and diaper rash. It acts as protective layer for mild skin irritation and abrasions. And one important thing the child who is allergic to zinc oxide should not use zinc oxide. Almond oil, vitamin E, beeswax and aloe-vera are other good ingredients for treating rashes.

Do’s to avoid rashes

  • Don’t leave your baby nappy dirt for long time, it will be better to notice your baby every one hour.
  • Even if you use cloth nappy pads or disposable diapers, clean your baby bottom often using lukewarm water and a cotton cloth after poo.
  • Better avoid using disposable pads, instead use cloth nappy pads.
  • Using fragrance free wipes for cleaning the baby’s bottom is also a good idea.
  • Leave your baby without nappy as much as possible.
  • Change the diaper in often after he/she has done wee or poo.
  • While fastening the diapers/nappies ensure that air circulation is possible around your baby bottom.

Treating rashes

  • Normally the rashes developed due to diaper usage will be cleared after two to three days in which you must avoid using nappies.
  • If it is not cleared after two to three days consult your doctor.
  • Do not use any skin creams that are not suggested by your doctor.

Benefits of using Nappy cream

  • Prevents and treats nappy rashes
  • Provides gentle skin recovery
  • Provides protective barrier against moisture
  • Soothes red and irritated skin
  • Effectively heals the skin
  • Provides instant relief and reduces discomfort

Best Nappy creams for your little one’s bottom

  • Omved soft bottom nappy cream - Organic

Provides gentle protection for your little baby bottom and includes natural ingredients like cold pressed oils of olive, almond, lavender, calednula etc. It is free from nasties, parabens sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols or perfumes.

EWG- 2

Price: Rs. 590 (40gm). Buy here

  • Nature’s baby organics diaper ointment cream – Organic

Highly effective organic diaper rash ointment made with organic Sunflower Oil, tamanu oil, chickweed oil, olive oil, essential oils. Soothes and heals delicate skin, while preventing future diaper rash. It has no preservatives or synthetic fragrances.

Price: Rs. 3609 (pack of 2 85gms tube). Buy here and $8.96 (84gm or 3oz tube). Buy here

  • Sebamed baby diaper rash cream

With the pH value of 5.5 baby sebamed is clinically proven to promote the development of the acid mantle and make baby soft, and gentle. It is free from nitro-musk compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, and dioxane and provides effective relief from skin irritation and reliable protection from diaper rash.

Price: Rs. 510 (100ml). Buy here

  • La flora organics baby bottom balm – Organic

Provides pure, safe and natural way to treat nappy /diaper rashes and heals sun-burns, skin sores and rashes. It has no harsh chemicals, petroleum derivatives, preservatives & artificial perfumes. It is 100% herbal and handmade.

Price: Rs. 175 (25gm). Buy here

  • Desitin diaper rash cream

Offers instant relief from irritation and incudes zinc oxide that soothes your baby skin with protective coating. It prevents skin rashes, protects chafed skin due to diaper rash and helps seal out wetness. Relieves diaper rash discomfort from the very first use.

Price: Rs. 721 (113g). Buy here

  • Himalaya diaper rash cream

Dermatologically tested diaper rash cream that creates layer between the baby skin and diaper and prevents the expansion of rashes. It contains ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil, vitamin-A, and natural Zinc and is recommended for new born to grown up babies.

Price: Rs. 50 (20gm). Buy here

  • Johnson baby diaper rash cream

Specially formulated mild cream which immediately forms protective layer on baby's skin against wetness, stool and diaper friction, thereby protects from rash. It provides soothing effect against rash.

Price: Rs. 110 (40gm). Buy here

Some of the other nappy creams in India are Pigeon, Mee mee, Bottega Di Lungavita Bimbo Nappy Rash Cream, Chicco nappy cream, and Palmers Cocoa Buttter Formula Bottom Butter which you can buy from firstcry

Best imported nappy creams for your little one’s bottom

  • Super salve herbal baby bottom cream

Gentle yet effective diaper rash cream and has antiseptic and astringent properties. Relieves inflammation and chafing, clears diaper rash and includes Zinc and Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile. It acts as perfect cream for babies, children, and adults.

EWG: 1

Price: $6.95 (1.75oz). Buy here

  • Ava Anderson Non Toxic Baby Diaper Cream

Provides comfort and softens the fragile skin of babies. It contains organic essential oils and aloe to soothe irritation. It is also good for eczema and dry patches for the entire family.

EWG: 1

Price: $23.99 (6oz). Buy here

  • Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream - 1 x 75ml

Deep-nourishing and protective barrier cream to help prevent redness and reduce soreness. It has skin friendly lanolin, zinc oxide, organic almond oil and precious organic calendula and chamomile extracts to provide gentle care and soothe the skin.

Price: £6.95 (75ml). Buy here

Some of the other imported nappy creams are Burt's bees baby bee diaper ointment, Bepanthen nappy care ointment, Boots baby nappy cream, and Curash medicated nappy rash cream.

Some of the good imported organic nappy creams are green people organic babies - nappy cream baby balm, Bentley organic baby nappy balm, Natalia baby bottom butter, Tiddley Pom organic nappy balm, Essential care organic soothing salve and Green people nappy cream baby balm.

Prevent your baby from rashes and treat the rashes in a better way!!!

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