Baby massage – The magic touch!!!

Modified: 30 April 2016

This will be a very interesting article for you, why because this article revolves around massaging your little darling’s body. Massaging will not only improve the growth and healthy development of your baby, the time span you massage your baby body will be the good cherishable and enjoyable memories for you. You can start massaging when your baby is 20-30 days old, and it will help you to express your care, love and affection towards your baby. Massaging mainly boosts your confidence of handling your little darling. Most of the babies enjoy massaging, so you can always visibly feel the pretty and cute smile of your babies. However tired you are while massaging both of you and your baby will feel fresh, choose the right baby massage oil for your baby’s very sensitive and delicate skin. And one more interesting thing is that massaging is an initial superb method to have good interaction and lots of eye contact with your baby. You baby can feel the importance of physical touch, warmth, and the smell and sound of its new environment and you and your partner feel relaxed while massaging. The flexibility and the coordination of your baby are increased and the child may feel still more secured because of massaging. It is necessary to massage your everyday or at least the day you bathe her, and it is good to massage her once or twice every day.

It is better to massage your baby in between feed times or when you know that she is neither hungry nor full, and it is not necessary to bath her immediately after massage, you can let her/him to sleep after massaging. But she will have a good long time sleep if you bath your baby after massaging with lukewarm water.

Essential Points to note down

  • The massage oil that partially/completely contains coconut oil sesame oil, mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, chamomile oil, tea tree oil, calendula oil, castor oil will suit for most of the babies. The use of products included with these ingredients will vary depend upon season i.e. summer or winter and type of skin.
  • These ingredients have several good things like antibacterial and antiseptic properties, skin infection prevention,
  • Vegetable oil is good for babies who taste hi/hers thumbs all the time.
  • Coconut and sesame oil are most preferred for summer days and mustard oil with garlic or carom seeds, olive, mustard and almond oil are preferred for winter days.
  • Massage oil should be light and non-stainy.
  • Never force your hand while massaging and always ensure the baby’s comfort level after each stroke.

Don’ts – Be careful

  • Do not use gram flour, turmeric for massaging which irritate your baby skin and eyes as well and creates rashes too.
  • Do not allow the oil to enter into baby nose, mouth and ears which leads to various infections.
  • Do not use unbranded massage oils or loosely packed oils which affects your baby’s health.
  • Make sure that the accessories or jewels like bangles are removed before massaging to avoid any small injuries.
  • Make sure that your baby enjoys massaging else minimize the massage duration and move onto other part of the body.
  • Avoid using oils that are not manufactured for baby use.
  • Frequent change of massage oil should not happen.
  • Stop using oils that are allergic or that not suit your baby after first use.

How to massage

  • Baby body massage should be very gentle and kind, and the repeated and periodic movement of your hand around baby body is meant to be massage.
  • Get ready with the towel and bowl with the oil you are going to use for massaging.
  • There are many procedures to massage baby, you should massage a baby in such a way that all his parts must stroked a little in some way. Start off with chest, shoulder, hand, fingers, stomach, thighs, leg, foot, toe, face, ears and back bones and final touch can be from face to toe.

Benefits of Massaging

  • The little cute baby will be more active and playful after massaging and also he/she may have good sound sleep for long time.
  • The affectionate bonding between you especially mom/dad and your baby will drastically increase both verbally and non-verbally because of massaging.
  • Massaging improves digestion, skin texture, blood circulation, provides relaxation, stabilizes the heart rate and brain activities, improves brain-body interaction, soothes baby, and relieves emotional stress because of new environment, and chest and nose congestion.
  • According to several university studies the babies who are massages regularly are more active and conscious, have average weight gain, and good neurological developments.
  • The parents who suffer from any depressions can get relieved because of massaging.

Best Massage oils for your baby

  • Himalaya baby massage oil

Aided with olive oil and winter cherry improves baby’s growth and development and moisturizes the baby body after bathing. It is clinically proved to be mild enough to use on babies and can be used as massage oil before bath or as moisturizer after bath.

Price: Rs. 200 (200ml). Want it!! Click here.

  • Sebamed massage oil

Emollient with 95% natural soya oils and rich in Vitamin F content and non-greasy oil, insures high skin tolerability, relieves pain of colic, gas, illness and teething, and stimulates circulation, digestive and neurological development.

Price: Rs. 450 (150ml). Want it!!! Click here

  • Chicco pure bio massage oil

Formulated with 100 percent organic sweet almond oil, it slides smoothly over baby's skin, provides the soft nourishment, it is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and contains no preservatives, parabens, formaldehydes, colors, alcohol and no mineral oils so as to avoid skin irritation, rashes or even allergies.

Price: Rs. 1332 (100ml). Want it!!! Click here

  • Pigeon baby massage oil

Rich blend of olive oil, roseship oil, chamomile extract, and Vitamin E, on regular usage for massage it nourishes and stimulates blood circulation while imparting wonderful glow to baby's skin. It is hypoallergenic and PH balanced, while coloring and fragrance free.

Price: Rs.245 (200ml). Want it!!! Click here

  • Johnson baby oil

Enriched with Johnson's baby oil unique formula with natural extracts for skin soothing qualities and vitamin E as natural skin conditioner to form a silky barrier to prevent excess moisture loss and protect skin from dryness and flaking.

Price: Rs. 165 (200ml). Want it!!! Click here

  • Dabur lal Tail

Natural, and ayurvedic baby massage oil that strengthens the bones and muscles of your baby, helps reach milestones earlier, and promotes overall growth and development of baby. It can also be used for flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occurring during rickets.

Price: Rs. 165 (200ml). Want it!!!. Click here.

Organic baby massage oil

  • Organic Pharmacy Mother & Baby massage oil

It has lavender and chamomile that are blended at safe levels with marigold, jojoba and rose hip in a gentle formula which makes this oil suitable for mothers and babies. It helps in calming the mind, while leaving the skin soft, supple and nourished.

Price: £22.955 for 100ml. Want it!!!. Click here

  • Be green bath gentle baby oil

Chemical-free baby oil that calms, soothes and moisturizes your babies skin with pure and enriched with sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, organic jojoba oil, organic mandarin essential oil, lavender essential oil. It safely nourishes your baby's delicate skin. It treats cradle cap and suits for 6+ months – 2 yrs. baby.

Price: $15.00 (125ml). Want it!!!Click here

EWG: 1

  • Enkido Baby oil

Contained with certified organic olive oil with essential fatty acids protects and nourishes your baby's skin.

Price: $34.95 (250ml). Want it!!! Click here

EWG: 1

  • Badger baby oil, Chamomile & Calendula

It cares for your little darling with 100% natural, safe and soothing Badger baby oil formulated with moisturizing organic extra virgin olive and jojoba oils and calming herbs to nurture and protect delicate baby skin.

Price: $16.39 (118ml). Want it!!! Click here

EWG: 1

  • La flora organic baby bath and body massage oil

Aided with virgin coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, certified organic ingredient, it is pure, gentle and nourishing baby/infant massage oil. It is free from mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, preservatives, artificial perfumes or colorants.

Price: Rs. 295 (100ml). Want it!! Click here.

  • Omved shishu thailam massage oil

Aided with aswaganda and manjishtha, this Ayurveda oil is authentic and powerful blend without any artificial additives, colors or chemicals.  It can be used for head and body massage for children from birth till 4-5 years of age.

Price: Rs. 990 (125ml). Want it!! Click here

  • Biobloom baby massage oil

It is blend of sweet almond oil rich in vitamin E and olive oil and organic vegetable oil to nourish your child's skin, protect the skin from sun rays and facilitate the skin’s ability to rejuvenate, thus leaving it soft and silk. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, etc. Price: Rs. 499 (100ml). Want it!!!. Click here

  • Rustic Art Organic Baby Massage Oil Evoke

Aided with olive oil, soyaoil, sesame, coco butter, aloe vera, herbal oils, and natural fragrances is perfect for body and hair massage.  Your baby will get lasting glow to his/her skin on regular use. It is 100% free from mineral oils and chemicals.

Price: Rs. 250 (100ml). Want it!! Click here

  • Burt's Bees baby Bee 100% Natural Nourishing Baby Oil

Nourishes your skin with 100% natural body oil with blend of energizing lemon oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

Price: $8.00 (118ml).

EWG: 3.

  • 100% Natural, Raw, Pure and USDA Certified Organic Grapeseed Oil

Aided with 100% USDA certified organic pinot noir black wine grapes variety from world famous wine region Sonoma, CA. It is refreshing, mild, non-toxic, non-greasy, and absorbed easily by the skin and considered safe for use by children and adults alike.

Price: $ 12.95 (120ml). Want it!!!. Click here.

Relax, Relieve and Stimulate your baby!!!

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