Make your baby's hair smoother and healthier

Modified: 30 April 2016

Hair care for baby is vitally important one to prevent their fragile and super soft scalp and softer hair from various bacterial or fungus infections. You must take care of your baby’s hair and the scalp right from the beginning because they can be damaged easily, and it is your task to efficiently oil your baby regularly irrespective of thick hair, very little hair, straight or curly hair. Prevent your baby from any injuries and hurts and it is good to oil the baby hair a day before the bath to soften the baby scalp. Oiling baby’s hair not only improves blood circulation but also moisturizes, protects, and nourishes the scalp and prevents them from cradle cap. The ingredients that must be included in baby hair oil are olive, coconut, almond, Indian gooseberry, castor and jojoba oil. You must always use a soft brush in a gentle way with very mild force while combing your baby’s hair so as to avoid hair follicle damage and any scalp bleed, smoothen the hair and easily remove the flakes. Instead of using coconut oil in cold days or winter days, you can use olive oil in winter. Whatever may be the product you use on baby, it is always preferred to be organic and natural.

“The first wealth is health”

More than anything, healthy eating will result in healthy hair, so kindly make sure that your baby eats healthy proteins like eggs, spinach and salmons, etc. It will be better to feed food items that are rich in Vitamin D and B2 like baby walnuts, milk, pumpkin, almonds, egg yolks, breast milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, and apricots for healthy baby hair, cold prevention, and good bone and teeth formation. You can blend these food items in various compositions with little ghee, salt or sugar for taste while cooking and grind them well if you feed liquid foods to your baby.

Essential duties

It’s your another special duty to examine your baby’s scalp for any dryness or any abnormal issues, and if the scalp is dry, increase the application time of hair oil like apply hair oil every alternate day or everyday based on the condition. Always use hair oil that is specific to baby since bay hair oils are much lighter than other.

Do not worry for baby hair loss

The hair loss in initial months are normal for a baby and the hair texture i.e. straight, curly, bushy, etc are according to the gene or hormone change. Since the growing phase changes for each and every baby, you must not care for the growth of your baby hair and every baby has falling and growing stage in his first year or life time, the only thing you must concentrate is properly caring your little darling hair and scalp.

Most of the baby oils are also used as hair oil. I have listed the oils used for hair. Using baby oil on hair is not that good for your baby’s hair that too in very initial months, instead use baby hair oil or baby lotion.

Hair oil products

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  2. Johnson and Johnson baby hair oil – Rs. 110(200ml). Click here to buy.
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  7. Pampered Locks Hair Oil

Happy Oiling!!!

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