Peaceful sleep and healthier/hygienic baby

Modified: 16 May 2016

For baby from birth to older, sleep plays such an important role in complete health since most of the good reactions take place during sleep, like supply of blood to muscles increases, energy provision to brain and body, tissue growth and repair occurs, energy is restored, growth and muscle hormones are released, etc. Mattress protectors are the ones that keep your flat box structured mattress free of stains, and help you maintain it as a newer one for long time else you will be in place to change the mattress more often which will waste your time and money as well. It prevents your child from exposing to dust mites, microbes, any bacteria and the most important one is it prevents your child from getting wet or rashes due to his/her incontinence.  

Is mattress protector only for incontinence problem? No

It prevents the penetration of any accidental spills of water and oil, sweat from the body, and any incontinence, through the mattress to reduce the accumulation of allergens, germs and any bacteria. Most of the mattress protectors are waterproof to give the better benefits to you and it may also act as toppers for the mattress while avoiding the need for mattress covers. Always clean your mattress before you make your baby sleep at the bed, which ensure that your bed is always clean and your baby is always free from germs and any dust.

Need for mattress protectors

Baby from birth to toddler woos and pees often, which will spoil the mattress and his/her health too. You need to face so many consequences like buying new mattress, spending money for health issues, spending valuable time in washing and drying it, etc. The best solution to all the problems is getting mattress protectors which provided so much of benefits both to you and your baby.

  • Gives you and your baby a peace of mind while sleeping and resting in bed.
  • Protects the organic and inorganic layers of materials inside the mattress and improves the mattress’s longevity and reliability.

Benefits of mattress protectors

  • Using mattress protectors make sure that your baby has comfortable sleep and maintain baby’s body temperature.
  • Provides healthier, cleaner and better environment.
  • Makes washing task easier.
  • Protects the mattress from all the possible stains like coffee spill, spilled cool drinks, marks of sketches, sweat from your body, saliva, skin oils, and etc.
  • Reduces allergic reactions, and any skin irritations.
  • Helps to claim your warranty without any confusion if you face any issues with the mattress quality or anything else.

Points to note while buying mattress protector

  • Should be breathable to maintain constant baby’s body temperature.
  • Look for machine washable and tumble dry protectors to make your washing task much easier.
  • Made of soft cotton material provides freedom of movement and soft touch for your baby.
  • Should prevent overheating your baby and absorb much liquid.
  • Should be free from chemical or harmful substances.
  • Opt for some comfortable sizes that can be used for longer time.
  • Always pick water proof and stain barrier protectors.
  • Reduces dust mites and prevents them from resting in the mattress.
  • Choose organic cotton mattress protector which does not contain allergenic materials, pesticide and chemical residue.
  • If you would like to use mattress protector only for your baby, opt for the organic waterproof one and the right size to use to maintain proper hygiene.

Mattress Protectors Cart

Some of the good brands you can choose from are johnlewis, little’s baby mat, Luna, Akidd’s choice, saferest, sleep tite, cool shield, protect-A-Bed, etc.

Buy the best mattress protectors for your baby from firstcry, mothercare, flipkart, amazon, pepperfry, etc.

Protect your mattress as well as your baby through mattress protectors!!!


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