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Babies skin are as thin as tissues and we need to handle them carefully especially post bathing time. When they are wet we need to wipe off the water drops as soon as possible. You need to provide proper skin care and bathing for your baby in order to maintain good health and texture of the baby’s skin. Many parents think that they need to bathe their babies every single day. But that’s not the case. Since there are few simple ways like diaper change and wiping off the wee and poo immediately, wiping of the mouth and nose after breastfeeding or formula feeding, etc. to keep your baby clean , most babies may only need to be bathed 2 or 3 times a week or every other day. Those small sweethearts are mostly at home, so they will be clean and pure.

You can bath your baby at any time during the day. But make sure you do it before feeding him/her or after an hour to feeding, preferably in the evening so that the baby can have a peaceful sleep. For the first few weeks, sponge baths should be given so that the baby’s umbilical cord falls off and a baby’s circumcision heals. It is an easier option than taking your baby in the bathtub and pouring water all over him. This will prevent infection and in turn soothes baby’s skin.

 sponge baths    baby sponge    baby sponge


It is a small square about the width of a hand towel. It should be wet and you need to apply mild cleanser to the towel before using it. This increases abrasion, and removes dead skin cells from the skin more effectively than just manual application and rubbing of soap.

Hence, using a washcloth, we can give sponge baths to babies and dry them up with a hooded towel.

Baby washcloth          Baby washcloth

Things needed to give your baby a sponge bath

  • Baby bathtub, filled with water at a comfortable temperature
  • A large, soft, hooded towel
  • A soft washcloth
  • Cotton Squares or rounds
  • A mild cleanser specially formulated for babies

Steps to give a smooth bath to your baby

  1. Wet your washcloth and lather by applying a small amount of mild cleanser and rub it gently between your fingers.
  2. Gently cleanse around each eye with a cotton round or cotton square dampened with warm water. They are good to use because they don't shed pieces of lint.
  3. Wipe your baby's face, hair, and body and concentrate on the areas behind the ears, under the chin and creases in the neck.
  4. Gently rinse your baby with the washcloth, diluting the wash formula with more and more water.
  5. Dry and snuggle your baby.

The washcloths that are used should not harm baby’s delicate skin. The best washcloths are made of 100% cotton, but some are 80% cotton, 20% polyester. If your baby is suffering from a skin condition like eczema, you must use a sensitive washing powder for your baby’s washcloths in order to prevent any reaction. They come in a wide range of various designs, from plain to one with colorful pictures. It is recommended that you have at least 1 to 12 washcloths with you.

Best buy washcloths

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Bamboo Washcloths

They are made from durable, eco-friendly, and antibacterial bamboo (much better and softer than cotton).

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There are so many gentle towels that are available for newborn and toddlers. It must be designed to solve problems that arise during bath time. They must dry the baby without feeling too harsh or completely enveloping him. Hooded towels are the best for newborns since they keep the baby’s head warm and also serve as a protective bib for the parents during bathing time.

Baby towels with unique designs

Puj Hug Hands-Free Infant Bath Towel, Buy now

This towel has a long bib shape and interlocking silicone tabs keep the towel in place around the parent's neck during bath time to keep mom or dad dry. After the bath, parents hold the baby against the upper shoulder with one arm, while the Puj Hug Hands-Free towel wraps around the baby. After the baby is dry, the towel can hang up to dry on a hook using the silicone tab.

 Baby towels          Baby towels

Clevamama Splash and Wrap Hooded Towel, Buy now

This is another unique design, which has also won several awards. This fun towel secures around the parent's neck during bath time to protect against splashing. After bath time, parents can wrap the large towel around the baby. The bottom half of the Clevamama towel is hooded and parents can pull it up and over the baby's head when drying off. The towel is available in white, pink, blue, and cream colors.

 Baby towels        Baby towels

Baby haspen Lion Hooded Spa Robe with Big Top, Buy now

Baby Lion Hooded Spa Robe with Big Top by Baby Aspen, is a gorgeous and bold looking lion designed hooded towel, gives a great impression to your beautiful baby. It keeps them warm after bath and comfy them by its soft cloth. It can be used for babies, with age from 0 to 9 months.

  Baby towels         Baby towels


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