Peaceful sleep for newborn babies

Your Baby cries! You wake up in the middle of the night without knowing the reason and get panic. No more sleepless nights. Come let's find a solution.

Have you seen how your baby looks like when it is inside the womb?This is how it looks.

Baby in mothers' womb


Wrapping your baby in swaddles comforts your baby by mimicking the environment of the mother’s womb and assures that the baby will sleep safe, sound and secure. Swaddling helps in preventing the baby from startle reflex or moro-reflex that can wake up your baby during sleep.

After the baby is delivered, the primary concern of the parents is to provide warmth and security for their baby since the baby takes a time to adapt to the life outside the womb of the mother. Swaddling a baby involves wrapping the baby in a piece of cloth or linen perhaps that could tuck the arms and legs.

Benefits of Swaddling

Medical studies have shown there are numerous advantages to swaddling. 

  • Prostrate Swaddling Decreases the Risk of SIDS

The age range of the newborn that is high from having SIDS is from its birth until three months. Swaddling a baby can reduce the risks of having (SIDS) or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Preventing this syndrome from happening is one of the biggest advantages of swaddling.

  • Swaddled Babies Sleep Better 

The baby will feel uncomfortable at first but he/she will get used to it and can sleep soundly at night. A baby that has been swaddled is easier to hold and to transfer from one place to another.

  • Reduces Colic and Fussiness

Using a baby swaddle blanket will help the infant to lessen the colic. This colic thing is known for keeping the baby awake even at night due to pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines.

  • Helpful When Breastfeeding

Since the baby’s hands are kept inside the swaddle blanket, it prevents the baby from scratching their face. It will also keep the baby in good position while the mother is breastfeeding. With the help of this swaddle blanket baby’s body temperature can be maintained.

Things to know before you swaddle the baby

  • Baby should be lightly clothed for sleep and sleep at room temperature comfortable for a lightly clothed adult (67deg F to 72deg F)

  • Baby should not feel hot to touch.

  • Don't use an undersized swaddle around the baby since the wings cannot be snug.

  • Do not allow the fabric to cover infant's mouth or nose.

How will you swaddle the newborn?

It is best to use swaddle blanket in swaddling. Anyway, if you cannot afford to have a swaddle blanket then the best one to use is the cotton blanket. Here are some simple steps for you to follow on how to swaddle a baby.

Make sure that your baby is wearing light clothing or diaper. A heavy nightgown is not advisable if you swaddle the baby.

This is how a swaddle blanket will look like:


 Baby Swaddles & Blankets

Step 1:

Unfold the blanket into a triangle shape then place the receiving into a flat surface. Then place the baby into the linen, and then make sure that the neck of the baby is in the folded corner of the linen.


Baby Swaddles & Blankets

Step 2:

Now get the lowest part of the linen and put it over the feet of the baby. It must point upward to the legs of the baby.

Baby Swaddles & Blankets

Step 3:

Lift the right side of the linen then tuck it under the left side of the newborn.

Baby Swaddles & Blankets

Step 4:

Finally, pick up the left side of the linen and fold it over to the baby. So that the baby will be covered and you can tuck it under the right side of the baby. The only part of the baby’s body that is exposing is the head.

Baby Swaddles & Blankets.

You need to make sure that you swaddle the baby snugly and not tightly because it can hinder the baby’s circulation. If you find your baby too jerky, then you can change your style in swaddling the baby.

Types of Swaddles

Swaddle blankets

This is one of the best types of swaddle which are multi-purpose soft blankets that can be used for swaddling and more. Most of the swaddle blankets come with instructions for 1 or more easy techniques and you can become a master swaddler in no time.

Swaddle blankets are also great for nursing, tummy time, strollers and even burping. Using the blanket as a swaddle is recommended for babies from birth to 6 months and you can keep these blankets around long after that for other uses.

Swaddle wraps

These wraps are shaped to help you swaddle with some fasten hook and loop fasteners or zippers. Some of the special features are pouches to keep legs in the recommended frog-like position, “wings” for your baby’s arms to prevent self-scratching or harness slits.

Like all swaddles, they’ll keep your baby still, mimic the womb, replace loose blankets for safer sleep, and prevent self-scratching as well as the startle reflex and kicking off of blankets, so everyone sleeps more soundly.

2-in-1 swaddles

These swaddles will grow with your little baby. You can use them as a traditional swaddle to keep your baby still and this can replace loose blankets for safer sleep, prevent the startle reflex and kicking off of blankets. As your baby grows, you can provide more freedom by releasing one or both arms from the swaddle.

Wearable blankets

These blankets provide warmth, security, and comfort to your older baby or toddler who’s still sleeping in a crib, while allowing plenty of freedom of movement. Wearable blankets help your little one get a safer, warmer, more peaceful night’s sleep, without loose fabric that can be dangerous or kicked off.

It’s good if you switch from a swaddle to a wearable blanket when your baby starts to roll over or push up with his or her hands.

You can buy them from the following sites:

1. Amazon

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3. Babyoye

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When is the right time to stop swaddling?

You can stop swaddling your baby once the baby reaches three or four months of age. During this age, the baby will be able to adjust to his/her new environment and you don’t need to swaddle them anymore. It is also time for the baby not to be restricted with their movements. It is very necessary for a swaddled baby to develop their muscles in order to have strength, and they will be ready to learn how to crawl, stand and walk in the near future.

"Comfort your baby and protect them" (smile) 

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