Must have sunscreen clothes in summer

Modified: 16 May 2016

Surprised!! When we were child, these sun protective clothes are not available, but now the sun protective clothes are predominant for your child to protect them from harmful UV rays and make them live healthier life. You would love to enjoy the fresh natural air outside the house with your little darling while going for a walk in the morning, sitting in a park and playing in playground or any play parks. Instead of scrapping your baby with sunscreen lotions, better cover him/her with sunscreen clothes which will more effectively prevent him/her from harmful UV rays. The only best way to never make your baby fell the sunburn or any skin irritations, and protect the baby delicate skin while out in sun, is sunscreen clothes. These clothes will help you enjoy your play time at beach, spattering in pool, family boat ride on pond/lake, or walk time with your little one in the stroller and ensure you that your baby is protected effectively from sun. Your child’s skin will be healthier if he is protected from sun from his younger age.

It is better to avoid bringing your child below 5months under sun especially at peak time i.e. 11.30am to 3 or 3.30pm. And one more thing to look into is every child in his younger days would love to play under sun, but it is your (parents) duty to make your child safe under sun instead of restricting him/her from playing in sun instead make him/her know about the consequences under sun and goodness of being in shades. Sunscreen clothes are obligatory in summer seasons while walking, playing, swimming and any other activities under sun to stay safer.

Do you know how to pick the right sunscreen suit for your baby? You should look for UPF rating that is specific for fabric. UPF (UV protection factor) scale is used to measure the amount of UV rays protection for fabric as SPF (Sun protection factor) for sunscreen.

Need to know about UPF

UPF is the ratio of sunburn-causing UV measured without and with the protection of the fabric. E.g. If a fabric is rated with 30UPF, in practical it will not block all the 30units of UV rays from penetrating into body, it will block 29 out of 30 units of UV which efficiently delivers 96.7%  radiation blockage. UPF rates both UV-A (the reason for wrinkles, photoaging, etc) and UV-B (the reason for melanoma) protection but SPF rates only UV-B rays.

The universal comparison of UPF rating and radiation blocking percentage is given below

UPF Rating

Protection Category

% UV radiation Blocked

UPF 15 – 24


93.3 – 95.9

UPF 25 – 39

Very Good

96.0 – 97.4

UPF 40 – 50+


97.5 – 99+

Ways to protect your little precious one from sun

  • Make him/her know about the skin damages, irritation and sunburns that arise due to UV rays.
  • Inform him to play under the shades of tree not directly under sun
  • Avoid letting him play in the peak hours to reduce health issues and skin issues.
  • Ensure that he/she wears proper sunscreen clothes and sunscreen lotion applied to exposed areas of skin.
  • Have cabanas ready for them while you are out for picnic or while having your relaxation time in beach.
  • Immediately change the dress and apply sunscreen lotions at frequent hours after having a splash play at swimming pool or beach
  • Avoid choosing open restaurants when you are away at summers.
  • Use parasols for your baby while having a walk in strollers.
  • Make him used to hats and clothes that cover his/her body completely.
  • Can use sunglasses to protect his/her eyes.

Pick the best one

  • Look for value of UPF of about 30 or above, UPF of 50 is so good for your baby.
  • Look for some specially manufactured fabrics, cotton viscose fabrics, wool garments, satin-finished silk, tightly woven Bamboo/Lycra fabric, 100% polyester, unbleached cotton, and shiny polyester blends to have more sun protection.
  • Avoid choosing polyester crepe fabric, bleached cotton, knits, viscose, and worn/old fabric.
  • Opt for the one that covers maximum area of your baby’s body or covers at least the areas that are getting highly exposed to sun like hands, legs, neck, and knees and have some cap for face protection.
  • Chlorine-resistant sunscreen clothes are good ones.
  • Pick up the sunscreen clothes with hood shelter to prevent head and neck of your baby from sunscreen

Sunscreen clothes cart

There are various good brands at different price ranges available for sunscreen clothes. Some of the brands are nozone clothing, onestepaheadsnapper rockiplay, etc.

You can buy them from uvskinzsplashaboutpatagoniadecathlonamazon, etc.

In the end, I believe you focus on good skin care!!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

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