Play Mats, Activity gyms and Nap mats for babies

Modified: 30 May 2016

Hello, dear parents!

Do you know that babies love mats? Laying and playing on the mat is the most favorite activity for newborn babies. Once they start to grow up, their brain can grasp things very fast and they pay attention to details. They gradually roll over, sit, crawl, stand and walk. In this period, we need to teach them few skills and provide space to play with toys and mats. Your baby needs to be stimulated and needs some activity on a regular basis.

Mammas find it difficult in controlling the baby when they’re busy with their chores. However, the one solution to divert your baby’s mind is to lay him/her on a play mat and let it take all the control and your baby will have a blast.

 Before we move on with the types of mats and their uses lets quickly go through the activities that can improve your baby’s intellectual skills.

Boost your baby's cognitive development: 3-6 months

Read to your baby and make him enjoy your voice

Try to read bright and brilliant colored books having cartoons, amazing pictures, etc, with your baby! Your little precious one loves looking at the vibrant, and bright-colored contrasting patterns while rejoicing your voice along with the book.

Be a friend by telling them about your day

We all know sharing is always a good habit, as said share and communicate your day to day activities, happenings, etc with your baby from your baby's birth and before birth. And while conversing make sure you maintain lots of eye contact which will give you a beautiful time to bond with your baby.

Suspend mirrors at your little one's Level

Suspend an unbreakable mirror on your little one's crib or beside his/her changing table such that your little darling can watch and enjoy his/her face and cute movements. Suspend a large size mirror on the wall at a level little higher to the floor, so that he/she can rejoice the floor movements. Your infant won't comprehend that he's taking a gander at his own reflection, yet he will appreciate seeing that person moving his arms and grinning at him.

Provide clamorous Toys

At some point in time, your baby loves to hear different pleasant sounds, so give them toys that make music or distinctive sounds, particularly those that make clamor at whatever point your child touches. Through which he/she 'll discover that the origin and outcome of hitting the specific toys are getting the chance to hear charming sounds.

Make your little one know variety of distinct sounds

Make your baby  learn different distinct sounds arose from different objects, e.g. a bell sound differs from a rattle or a drum sound.

If your baby has crossed 5-months, they can try doing the following things:      

  • Reaches out to toys or nearby shelves, even sofas, etc.
  • Grasps toys from the place wherever he/she find it.
  • Performs "multitasking" for example, reaching, and prattling for a specific toy at one time.
  • When you offer a toy, he/she changes the position of the hand or whole body to pull or have it near him/her.
  • Twists from belly to back or switch between positions he/she might think off.
  • Keeps smiling at other babies or toddlers, his/her own reflection and at toddler activities.
  • To explore his/her own world, he/she begins mouthing/tasting some objects or toys around him.

These are some of the cute little things your baby does and you would just love watching them.

Play mats and Activity gyms

Baby play mats and activity gyms are the key things that aid your little darling in creating noises by touching specific noise making toys, repeatedly hitting some toys on floor or table, etc. to learn about their environment for boosting their physical activity and maintaining proper physical health. You as a parent should opt for activity gyms that well engage and stimulate your babies, always think of buying high-contrast colored gym with basic simple design, hanging toys, noisy toys, some cartoon themes, etc. 

Promoting tummy time and some critical activities render much benefits for your baby like good early development, healthy neck and torso muscles development, etc. Tummy time is nothing but encouraging your baby to play on his/her tummy for a longer time, you can do this by giving some toys for which he/she looks forward or by keeping a mirror within his/her arm's reach such that the toy he looks forward must be visible in the mirror. 

Some of the branded play mats and activity gyms are given below:



Mat name




Buy here


Babyplay Tummy time Octopus from Mamas &Papas

Best for Baby’s development

Strengthen baby’s arms, neck and back muscles. Has nine interactive features and four removable, dangling toys that will help your baby to develop hand-eye coordination.

Baby mats, $85


Bright Starts Baby's Play Place Playmat, Swingin' Safari


Best for safety

Perfect play area for any growing baby.

Features a soft over-sized play mat, 8 fun toys, lights, and music all wrapped in a roaring fashion that the baby is sure to enjoy


Baby mats, $80


Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Jumbo Playmat

Best budget buy

This one is pocket-friendly.

Comes with toys, a mirror, fish teether, plush frogs, a peek-a-boo elephant, rattles, and ribbons.


Baby mats$40


Sassy Grow With Me 3-in-1 Playmat

Best for Infant-to-Toddler


20 developmental activities like shapes, clip-on rings and balls


Baby mats, $50


Infantino Whale Kicks & Giggles Activity Gym

Best Baby-Stimulating Play Mat


The animals hanging overhead on this jiggle along with baby’s movements.


Baby mats, $72


Tiny love supermat

Best for On-the-go


It comes with all the necessities, but without the complicated setup. You can easily pack this mat  for an evening at the park or a weekend at grandma’s house.



Baby mats, $40


Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

Best Educational Activity Gym


Baby can learn while he drools and giggles.

Comes with animals and an alphabet mat so you can get him started on the wildest sounds you know.


Baby mats, $75

 NOTE: There are many other play mats and activity gyms available in

Bed Protector Sheets

Quick Dry Bed Protector Lilac - Large

Quick Dry is a multi-layer product, the main stay of which is a waterproof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy top surface. This layer prevents water or liquids from going down, but allows moisture to pass through the entire fabric, giving comfort to the skin. The ''Quick Dry" sheet also dries faster as the membrane promotes the removal of water vapor, a revolution in bed protectors. It is available in various colors and sizes.

 Baby mats    Baby mats

 Babyhug Smart Dry Bed Protecting Sheet Peach – Medium

This sheet gives your baby the soft, dry comfort. It is ultra-thin, a non-quilted protector that creates an invisible layer of protection. Protect your baby from allergens, dust mites, fungus and bacteria with this dry mat. It helps protect your mattress from stains.

Baby mats    Baby mats

Libero Baby Disposable Mats 

Libero mats are disposable baby changing mats. It is not uncommon for very young babies to pee or poop on the baby changing table. Libero mats make nappy changes simple and hygienic, whether you're at home or out and about. The baby changing mats are sold in packs of 6.


 Baby mats    Baby mats

Babyhug Multi-Purpose Baby Mat

Babyhug presents set of 3+1 baby mat sets that folds compactly and fits in most of the handbags for easy changes on the go. The complete pack consists of three padded cotton mats and one waterproof soft plastic sheet. Use it as a diaper changing mat by attaching the waterproof sheet on the top surface or use it as a simple Baby Bed protector mat with the waterproof sheet at the bottom.

Baby mats    Baby mats


NOTE: you can buy all of the above mats in Some good nap mats are also available in

A good mat is all you need to make your baby smile ! 

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