Your baby's first step, the heavenly step

Modified: 16 May 2016

Kudos!!! Your baby has reached a turning point in his life through which he/she can feel the touch of his feet with ground. Most probably your baby will have the first step between 9 and 13 months. We all know that watching our baby’s first step is one of the best and memorable moments. At initial stage, the moment he/she somehow managed to stand on his/her own and started to walk looks like a tipsy sailor. Enjoy the tipsy sailor’s movements and face reactions with some care. It’s your inevitable duty to safeguard your precious new walker and make him feel a wonderful experience during walking outside the house or about to move out. Most of the doctors say that every baby tries to walk by having grip of their toes on the ground. The shoes must give your baby a feel as if they walk barefoot, and it will be great task for you while trying the different type of shoes on your baby foot. You can also give an opportunity to allow your baby to have a walk barefoot on grass or in the sand outside but in front of your examination, so that your baby can have some ability to build up strength and balance. Make your baby free to walk around and always have an eye on them while climbing chairs, sofas, etc.

Do’s while choosing your baby’s shoe

  • Opt for light weight and flexible shoes, such that even after wearing the shoes, the touch of his feet with the floor must be felt. Only so he/she can walk freely and learn to walk better in few days.
  • The material of the shoe must be soft leather, high-quality mesh or even clothes for intake of air i.e. breathable.
  • Shoes with rubber and soft anti-slip soles for traction help your baby in avoiding slipping or sliding.
  • Since the foot growth will be frequent, measure your baby’s foot two months once from a trained and certified specialist in an actual kid’s shoe shop
    Baby Footwear     Baby Footwear
  • Do not go for used shoes, and prevent your baby from any possible illness.
  • Make sure that that shoe you choose must be foldable in your hand not stiffer.
  • The shoes must also be comfortable for you while making your baby wear it.
  • Built-in space for baby’s toes development.

Notes to Note

  • Leave your baby barefoot inside the house or any closed space/room for natural foot development.
  • Ensure that your baby wear a good and proper shoe when he/she is outside. Since the space that is outer to house or any space may have small stones, rougher surface or even some germs.
  • Wearing the suitable shoe prevents his/her precious feet from getting harm/hurt.
  • The shoes you choose at first should be more flexible with cushion material inside and rounded soles for stability and comfort.
  • While giving a trial for the shoes, look for any blister or red marks in the foot after removing shoes and inconvenience in the child activities while wearing it.
  • Do not opt for shoes until they start to walk which might affect the feet growth.

Shoes to pick

With so many different types of attractive and beautiful shoes in market, which one is best for your baby? The shoes should give your baby confidence, support and comfort to stimulate the natural foot growth and movement. Choose the brands that are made unique for babies/kids, and only flat shoes are the best ones for babies. The cost of shoes varies from the material and the style you decide.

Trying shoes with laces is better one which ensures that the baby cannot remove it and also make sure that the method you tie your lace should be proper to minimize the possibility of getting struck. Shoes with Velcro fastener will be easier for us to ON and OFF the shoes to and from baby but there exists the possibility of shoe getting removed on his/her own.

Some of the popular brands that are selling shoes especially for babies/toddlers are Bata, Nike, Converse, Lancer, Paragon, and Tirubala in India and Robeez, Reef, Crocs, SEE kai run, Superga,  Stride, Hobes, Jemos, Pediped, UMI infant, BOBUX, in other countries.

You have different type of shoes like light up shoes, sound shoes, leather shoes, etc. and you can buy it from firstcryamazonaliexpressbabyoye, and flipkart.

The littlest feet leaves biggest foot prints on our hearts.

Love it!! Liberate it!! Protect it!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

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