Do you have winter baby and cold climate?

Modified: 16 May 2016

If yes, an essential in every baby wardrobe is baby cardigan/sweater that keeps you baby’s body warmer irrespective of seasons. Baby sweater must give the baby comfort, must be stylish and cute irrespective of any occasion, while being gentle on the baby skin. Most of the babies will not feel comfort while wearing sweater, it’s your duty to make them feel comfort by making them wear sweater at some frequent times before cold times come. In winter season or cold climate make your baby wear a little cap which is very extremely important to main baby’s body temperature. In reality, baby can tolerate the temperature as adults.

Is thinking of sweater only in winter right? It depends on the place and weather where you live.

Baby sweaters

Knitting a sweater

Learning to knit a sweater is something interesting than buying a sweater. There is so m any ways to knit a sweater for baby based on the size, pattern and yarn you choose. And knitting a sweater will make a better bond with your baby. One more interesting thing when you are caring is you can have special communication with your baby through the affectionate words you feel when you are knitting sweater for your baby. And after the baby birth while making the baby wear the sweater knitted by yourself makes you feel like a best mom.

While knitting the beautiful sweater, make sure your baby will be warm, stylish and comfortable. As a knitter, it’s up to you to decide on color, type of yarn, texture of yarn, and quantity of yarn. If you are knitting sweater for to be born baby search for baby sizes and knit somewhat larger sweater so that you may surely use it at some point of time.  Search for various patterns that are available in knitting sweaters for baby, stick to the pattern you decide and start knitting. While choosing the pattern think of your experience in knitting, and if you are a new learner go with a basic, simple design. Have sweaters knitted in different colors so as to fit any occasion and season.

Sweater to pick

  • Should be made of soft material like cotton
  • Do not pick the sweater that has dye made of chemicals.
  • Opt for nickel free button closures to ensure additional protection for the delicate skin of your little darling.
  • Cardigans with snaps at the neck provide good fit for baby.
  • If your baby is not comfort with sweater made of cotton, try the fleece.

Baby sweaters           Baby sweaters

Things to remember at cold times

  • Pack the shorts and flip flops and lock it in a separate shelf or locker, so that you might not get confused while dressing your baby.
  • If your baby itself is warm, prefer some little heavier clothes but not lighter than those you use in in non-cold days or it will be better to hold your well-clothed baby in a blanket.
  • Avoid over-warming your baby by wearing sweater and swaddling them to stop worrying about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.
  • Buy baby snow suit if the climate so cool.

Sweater store

There are many ecommerce sites and brands for sweaters, and many home makers for sweaters. Some of the home made and machine made sweater can be bought from firstcry, babyoye, gap, zara, and snapdeal, etc.

Warm your baby!!!Style your baby!!!Make him/her feel cosy!!!

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