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Modified: 30 May 2016

Hey there (smile) I know feeding your baby is an important task for every mom and yes it is also a messy task. Baby bibs are worn by hanging from the neck to the chest when your baby consumes food. Bibs will save your baby’s clothes from the accidentally spilled food but yet they will finally end up having food all over them.

Baby bibs

Here are some useful tips for picking the best bib that suits your child in India. Read on to check the nooks and corners you need to know while buying bibs for your sweet doll and secure his/her clothes.

Why baby bib?

As you all know, a bib cannot prevent the mess done by your baby but it can act as a layer of protection for the clothes he/she wears.  Since it secures your baby's clothes, you are free from washing the clothes every now and then after the meal time. You can just remove the bib from his/her body and clean it.

And you will not face any difficulty by changing your baby’s clothes now and washing the dirty ones after every meal. Yes! It is surely a big savior!

How many types of bibs are available?

There are various choices available in the Indian markets which keep your baby safe and secure from the mess created while feeding him/her.

How many types of bibs are available?

There are various options available in the markets which keep your baby safe from the mess.

Feeding Bibs

These bibs are utilized at the feeding time may be a meal time, soup time, etc. It is very simple to make your baby wear the feeding bib, you just need to tie it around your baby's neck to properly cover him/her. Since they are available in quite bigger size, it serves few purposes like provides comfort to your baby and acts as a wonderful protection layer. Even some feeding bibs are designed with a pocket which is purposely designed to catch the food missed from your hand or from your baby's mouth. So with this one you are guaranteed with a clean table and floor.

Feeding bib

Drool Bibs

They are also called as bandana bibs. Some babies drool and make their clothes wet, which can create some small illness issue too, here the need for drool bibs persists to protect their clothing. Drool bibs are much smaller in size so making your baby wear them throughout the day will not create any discomfort for him/her, and the size ensures that it doesn’t get tangled. This way it shields your baby's clothes and protects them from wetness and illness issues.


Drool bibs

Bibs with Long Sleeves

Sometimes, you may require a larger thing to cover your baby during feeds. This type of long sleeves bibs can cover his arms and upper part of his/her body completely thereby keeping your baby and his/her clothes completely safe and clean. It is designed with an open back which makes it easier for you to prevent the contact of mess with the baby's clothes and to remove the bib without any discomfort.


     Bibs with long sleeves

Tips While Buying Bibs for Kids

  • Choose bibs that are easy to clean. It must be clean by a simple wipe down, machine wash or hand wash.
  • Find a bib with the right fit why because if it is tight-fitted, your baby will feel suffocating and if loose-fitted, your baby's clothes will not get good protection.
  • Buy a bib that is easy to carry since they are not just needed when you are at home, you have their need even when you are out for a day or when you are on holidays. Make sure you can fold it easily such that it occupies less space.
  • Baby’s comfort is another factor to consider. He must concentrate on the food instead of the bib. If it hurts his skin, then he will try to pull it out.
  • You can also choose a bib with his favorite cartoon or the ones with doll pictures so that he’ll be happy in his meal session.

I guess now you have got a complete picture of what bibs are, their styles, and uses. Most of the moms would be confused on what brand to choose and hence, we have come up with a solution. There are huge varieties of bibs from fun to fashionable, we have jotted down the best feeding bibs for your sweet doll. Pick the one that suits your baby, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind.

1. Baby Bib-Violet - Rs. 599

                   Baby BIb -Violet

Wonderfully soft, the bib can be used over and over and still look great. Just give a quick rinse with soap and water, let air dry, dry with towel or pop it in the dishwasher.

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2. Pigeon disposable bibs - Rs. 395

                    Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs - Pack of 20

Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs are useful to a very extent as they solve the purpose by keeping all the unnecessary littering away. These bibs have been especially designed for baby use, from an ultra-absorbent material which is quite thick because it has been quilted. 

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3. Mee Mee Colourful Baby Bib Pink - Butterfly - Rs. 199

                  Mee Mee Colourful Baby Bib Pink - Butterfly

Colorful and attractive bib is helpful during baby's meal time. You can be prepared with easy to clean protection for baby’s mealtime. This soft and comfortable bib will make meal time fun and comfortable

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4. Babyhug Printed Bibs Set of 2 - Pink And Yellow - Rs. 179

              Babyhug Printed Bibs Set of 2 - Pink And Yellow

This pack of 2 bibs to keep kids clean and parent worry free during feeding time. These bibs allow for super clean feeding every time. 

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5. Morisons Baby Dreams Crumb Catcher Bib - Pink - Rs. 140

              Morisons Baby Dreams Crumb Catcher Bib - Pink

Prevents spills and dribbles onto high chairs, laps and the floor. Extra soft plastic forms a scoop at the bottom, creating a deep catch-all pocket that is also waterproof (no soak-through) 

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6. Tommee Tippee Milk Bibs - $12.01

Tommee Tippee Milk Bibs

A lifesaver for bottle-fed babies, in particular, these bibs are the perfect shape for stopping milk getting trapped between those chubby folds. They are strong but soft on the new-born skin, and the Velcro won’t curl in the wash.

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7. Aden + Anais Bandana Bib - $10

        Aden + Anais Bandana Bib

Part-bib, part fashion accessory, this bandana is cute enough for your baby to wear all day. This bib is perfect for your teething baby, in order to soak up all that excess drool running down her chin.

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8. UltraBib, Bibetta - $18.04

        UltraBib, Bibetta

A firm favorite for many parents the Bibetta Ultrabibs are made of neoprene (wetsuit material); so they are waterproof, absorbent, soft and flexible.

The UltraBib is also machine washable (30°c) and tumbles drier safe.

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9. Kladd Prickar overall - $9.99

           Kladd Prickar overall

These good-value little overalls from IKEA are ideal for messy baby-led weaning, letting absolutely nothing through. The waterproof nylon material means you can get away with skipping a wash after a tamer feeding session.These good-value little overalls from IKEA are ideal for messy baby-led weaning, letting absolutely nothing through. The waterproof nylon material means you can get away with skipping a wash after a tamer feeding session.

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10. Baby Bjorn adjustable neck bib - $20.95

      Baby Bjorn adjustable neck bib

Made from flexible plastic, these are ergonomically-designed to fit little baby bodies. The adjustable neck means no food slips through. The spill pocket catches everything and afterward, you can pop it in the dishwasher.

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11. DC Comics Caped Superbib, Bumkins - $27.99

      DC Comics Caped Superbib, Bumkins

This is the hub for your little super hero.  The Super bib is suitable from six months to two-years-old and is a lightweight easy wipe, and machine washable.

It comes in a variety of DC comic characters styles, like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, and of course, it has a cape

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12. Brother Max catch bib - $27.37 

  Brother Max catch bib

This is great for when you are on the go. The silicon tray makes sure no food ends up on the floor, while the cloth washes easily in the machine and is soft against the skin.

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Note:  You can also buy some other bibs from firstcry and babyoye

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