Your little darling deserves clean feeding accessory

You may wonder what is new in cleaning the baby bottles and other feeding accessories like pacifiers, nipples, toys, etc. that comes in contact with your baby’s mouth, just cleaning the feeding items in regular dishwasher will not really make them clean you have to put some real effort and spend some time in cleaning them. Both breast-feeding and formula feeding are liable contamination of bacteria including microbes if not handled and cleaned properly, for which proper cleaning of feeding bottles has its importance. Cleaning them properly not only makes your baby healthier, it prevents them from falling ill often. From birth to a year or more, your baby’s contact will only be with these items, which alerts you to make sure that they are clean all time. Cleaning the bottles for first time may take more time, but do not worry practicing makes it faster. Sterilize the bottles and other items after cleaning them. Wash your hands in hot water before you start feeding your baby with feeding bottle.

Benefits of cleaning bottle

  • Risk of food poisoning gets reduced
  • Often subjecting to illness is minimized
  • Makes your baby healthier and hygienic
  • Will reduce the trouble in worrying about your child’s health and clean accessory.

Process to clean

  • Rinse the bottles, nipples and other attachment individually right after use.
  • Separate all the possible pieces from the accessories before rinsing them to make sure that all the likely dirt, dried milk, etc. are washed off.
  • Fill your sink with water and add some mild dishwashing liquid that is specific for child accessories and make the solution soapy.
  • Dip the feeding accessories like feeding bottle, nipples, play toys, rings, etc. and make sure that each and every article got immersed into the soapy solution.
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes
  • It’s time to scrub them, scrubbing means to wash them using bottle brushes

                  Bottle cleaner     Baby Cleaner Brush

You can buy bottle and nipple cleaning brushes from firstcry, babyoye, and amazon, etc. Some of the brands for bottle cleaning brushes and nipple cleaning brushes are Philips, Farlin, Morison, Little’s, Mee Mee, iLifetech, etc.

  • Gently rotate the bottle and nipple brush around the interior of the feeding bottle and softly rub around the exterior of nipple such that the dried milk or formula and saliva of your baby are washed off.
  • Wash and rinse them in cold running water to make your baby not to taste any soapy taste.
  • Now finally completed washing the bottle, it’s time to dry them. Arrange the bottles such that the openings of the bottle face down so that the water droplets remained inside the bottle gets out of the bottle.

There are dish racks made available for drying feeding bottles and its accessories.

Having Dishwasher? Cleaning benefits

Before using dishwasher, make sure that washing the feeding bottles and its accessories in dishwasher are safe.

  •  Part the baby bottles and accessories to individual pieces, and simply place them feeding in the dishwasher and wait for the washing cycle to complete.
  • Place them in the top rack so that it may receive gentle wash and wash with hot water at hot drying cycle.
  • You can also use baby bottle dishwasher basket to avoid misplacing and mingling of baby items with other washing items.

Cleaning Drawbacks

  • Need to change the nipple may become often because the possibility of nipple damage is increased.
  • Need to spend some time and take little more care in placing the bottles and accessories in dishwasher
  • The likelihood of making your baby’s feeding bottle and nipples from other dishes with food capable of staining.

Worried of cleaning feeding bottle when you are out for a day or for a week?

Here is the solution, think of a liner for the feeding bottle as baby mattress protectors to the mattress. Amazed of it, yes you have baby bottle liners in the market which makes your cleaning task disappear in your holidays.

            Baby Bottle Liner  Baby Bottle Liner

Simply replace the liner at feeding times and have your baby healthier and save your precious time. The liner will avoid the contact of milk and feeding bottle. One issue is you have to number of nipples equal to multiplication of feeding times and days you are out or equal to feeding times required till you reach a place with sink or dishwasher. Some of the liners are Playtex, Philips, etc. and you can buy them from toysrus, amazon, etc.

Bottle Cleaners Cart

The popular brands for baby bottle and dish leaners are Pigeon, Mee Mee, Dapple, LuvLap, Babyganics (EWG: C Grade), etc.

You can buy them from,, firstcry, buybuybaby, toysrus, etc.

Cleaning is not a short term diet it’s a long term lifestyle change!!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

An Aficionado by passion, Wordsmith by profession, with a rewarding responsibility, I pen-down reviews geared towards all grades of people, creative entrepreneurs, shopaholics, home-makers, new mums and dads, students and many more to build and attain their own dream.