Do you want to really use special laundry detergents for baby's clothes?

The answer is yes only for the babies having ultra-sensitive skin or any allergies, otherwise the answer is no for babies who are okay with normal laundry detergents you use for your whole family. You will have so much of clothes in your laundry when your angel darling has born, like clothing, bedding, cloth nappy, baby mat, bibs, blankets, towels, stroller cover, etc. Many of you may think that using baby laundry detergents will keep your little darling healthier, but it is true to some extent, but the reality is your expense on buying the baby laundry detergents is very high which will affect your routine life if you and your family are on budget.

If you are much worried about the sensitivity of trying regular detergent, before using the baby laundry detergent, give a try on few clothes with the baby detergent and regular detergent and check whether any issue persist on your baby’s skin, because even with baby detergent your baby may get skin issues. If any issue persists try fragrance and residue free detergent and if again the skin issue continues try for the baby detergent after consulting your pediatrician.

Some may worry of exposing the chemicals and allergens in the detergent they use for the whole family to the child, the solution is to use baby laundry detergents for some months from birth, because only for few months from birth your baby’s skin will be very delicate and sensitive. Most of the babies are okay with the detergents you use for your whole family which reduce both of your economic burden and healthy burdens. But some babies may require using baby-friendly detergents from few to several years or even forever.

If you have housekeeping, most of them will have trouble in washing baby clothes separately from the other members in family, so it is best to use fragrant free and brighteners free detergents for your family and your baby clothes to avoid any skin irritation and skin sensitive issues in your little darling. Even pediatricians quote that babies with sensitive and delicate skin don't necessarily need baby-friendly laundry detergent. You can undoubtedly pick the non-baby but skin sensitive laundry detergent for your whole family including your little one.

Troubles in using baby friendly detergent

  • Does not wash off the stains like milk and poop in your baby clothes completely
  • Need little more force to remove stains
  • Most of the baby detergents has strong fragrance and fabric softeners
  • Allergens used in baby detergents cause skin irritations.
  • May create possibility of creating rashes and respiratory allergy
  • Very expensive than normal detergents

Get Answers to these questions before you get the baby laundry detergent

  • Is gentle on your baby skin
  • Is free of chemicals, residues, dyes, fragrance, phenols, benzene brighteners, and bleach etc.
  • Is effective and efficient on all the possible stains like spews, poops, milk, etc.

Check this before you choose laundry detergent for your baby

  • Fragrant , dye and chemical free and residue free detergent are best to use
  • Opt for organic and hypo-allergenic  laundry detergent which is so good for you baby and also for your family
  • Try the small sachet if available to check if the detergent is suitable for the type of water you use for washing clothes.
  • Check the main reason for changing from usual laundry to baby friendly detergent because the skin issues with your baby may not only because of the laundry detergent you use.
  • Opt for liquid detergents without fragrance which will reduce the maximum burden of manual force in washing.
  • Pick the one without lubricants, brighteners, fabric softeners, dyes, etc. that remain in the clothes even after rinsing it.
  • You can separate the cloth diapers from regular laundry, because these are the major reasons for diaper rash so wash and rinse the cloth diapers in mild detergents.

Tips for washing baby clothes

  • Put smaller items like socks, hand gloves and bibs in separate laundry bag
  • Wash clothes at 80-110 degrees.
  • Fasten up any hooks which may get indulged on something and remove the fibers out of the clothing.
  • Wash almost all the clothes before you make your baby wear it.
  • Remove any harsh stains then and then to reduce the washing burden and soak them in cold water.
  • Rinse them well once or twice in hot water to remove the bacteria

Baby laundry Detergents

Baby detergents cart for the ultra-sensitive skin

In India

  • Rustic Art little laundry, good for baby clothes and contains no artificial brighteners, bleach, fillers, enzymes, fabric softener, foam boosters, fragrance, etc.

Price: Rs. 335 (1Kg)

Price: Rs. 325 (550ml)

Price: Rs. 599 (1Kg)

Price: Rs. 1050 (2l)

  • MeeMee baby laundry detergent, specially formulated for washing your baby’s clothes and is biodegradable and anti-bacterial with wonderful whitening effect.

Price: Rs. 549 (1.2l)

Price: Rs. 699 (1.5l)

Irrespective of countries

The other detergents specific to baby are Dr. Bronner's baby unscented pure-castile liquid soap, Method 8x baby laundry detergent, and Disney baby ecos hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Go with the regular laundry detergent as long as your baby doesn’t have any skin allergies or rashes!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

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