Insure good health for your little precious one!!

Within few days, weeks or months from birth, your baby starts tasting his/her hand many times a day. It may be a sign for different things like he/she may be hungry, teething, or simply he may think the hand as another toy, etc. So it’s your (parents) duty to take care of his/her health and make them hygiene.

Chewing hands is normal for your baby and now he/she has additional skills. It is not that you need to wash the baby’s hands with hand sanitizer two to three times a day, it is essential to wash your hand with alcohol and irritant free hand sanitizer before you hold your baby. Also have every other one who is about to hold your baby wash their hands with the mild hand sanitizer. Make use of Benzalkonium chloride having non-toxic, non-flammable and non-drying properties, for children above 2 years which is both effective and safer than alcohol.

Free your baby from illness

  • Do not use hand sanitizers for your precious ones below two years of age because of their under developed immune system and skin barrier function, to avoid harmful and detrimental issues.
  • Prevent your little one from exposing to environments or outside areas where the occurrence of becoming infected is high and where the need to wash their hands becomes predominant.
  • Prevent them from touching infected things like cotton with blood or any dirt, dirty toys, etc.
  • Make sure that the environment they play is clean and hygienic.
  • Have your baby’s hands and legs covered while going for a walk in garden, beach or any parks.
  • Make your home and garden free from mosquitoes and insects.
  • Avoid making people who are affected from fever, cough, cold, etc. to come in contact with the children.
  • Use alcohol and harsh chemicals free sanitizers for children between 2 and 3 years old, whereas adult supervision is strictly required and the usage time is restricted to two to three times a day.

Concerns about sanitizer

  • Keep the hand sanitizer out of reach from children, which upon consumed leads lower blood sugar level and serious illness problems. So be a vigilant with your little darling, because mistakes, incidents, and tragedy can happen in the blink of an eye.
  • The ethanol (alcohol) content in sanitizer may create breathing problems for your baby.
  • Using hand sanitizer on babies below two years may create some health issue even in their future.
  • Using alcohol based sanitizer with extra biocidal agents can cause skin damage.
  • Do not make your toddler lick his/her hands immediately after using sanitizer.

Reasons to use mild and alcohol free hand sanitizer

  • Avoid irritating the skin of baby
  • Most of the babies would not prefer smelling an alcohol content
  • Prevents making your baby ill often
  • Prevents your baby from exposing to bacteria and microbes

Strict use of hand sanitizer

  • Wash your hands after using the restroom and cleaning and changing your little darling’s diaper or nappy.
  • Clean your hands once you enter the home after being an hour or day out.
  • Remind and insist everyone who has the possibility to come in contact with your little darling to use the hand sanitizer


  • No need to wash your baby hand every time they touch a dirt surface
  • Avoid washing toys and play things of your baby frequently with sanitizers with alcohol content
  • Sanitize them after visiting sick people
  • Ask your toddler to constantly rub his/her hands together including the gap between fingers and fingertips and nails, while washing hands with sanitizer.
  • Avoid preferring pleasant smelling and sweet tasted sanitizers which will encourage your baby to lick their hands.
  • Spend about 20-30 seconds for washing your hands.


Properly sanitize your baby and make him/her free from all germs, bacteria, etc. is not possible all the time. You may not restrict your friend, neighbor, relative from kissing your baby cheeks and forehead. Follow all the precautions and preventive steps discussed so far to make your baby healthy. Always have a bottle of water with you and frequently wash the hands of people touching your baby. Simply wash your hand and little darling hand with purified water.

Types of sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are available in different forms like gel, spray, liquid solution, and wipes. The usage of the forms may vary depend upon the location of its usage and the people using it.

Wipes – Mostly used in health clubs, food industry, and grocery/provision stores

Foam – Used in offices, universities and any corporate and business settings.

Gel – Hospitals and health care settings.

Liquid – Used in schools, colleges, etc.

Every one of them has its own advantage and disadvantage, like gel and liquid may spill from the hand but effectively removes bacteria, foam is safer, economical and entertains kids to use this, wipes are good to remove germs and some soil dirt too but create landfill issue.

Sanitizer cart

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Free your 0-24 months baby from sanitizers, develop their own adaptive immunity skill and break the chain of infection!!

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