Thinking on buying Strollers/Prams for your little doll?

A pram or a stroller, perhaps one of the important travel friend if you have your little doll and if you are frequent traveler, walker, shopaholic, etc. Stroller/prams should comfort you and your child in day to day activities and in picnic and holiday times. They are the one that protects your baby from injury and small incidents that happens due to their funny play activities and movements. They help your baby sleep well, play as they want and the main thing is that introduce the outside world without any discomfort of carrying them. The terms push chair, stroller, pram, and buggies are interchangeably used by people, only few differences exist among them. Always opt for the five point safety harness stroller or pram.

Do you know the difference between Stroller and Pram?

Pram is especially for the little doll’s first few months i.e. they can sleep or lie in flat position, because your baby cannot sit or lift his/her head on their own. Generally, pram is designed with inflatable wheel to make your baby a comfy baby. But it is heavier than strollers, so you will feel difficult to carry it. It may be simply described as a bassinet on the wheels and are designed purposely for newborns.

Stroller can be used till their toddler days, lighter than prams but not comfortable as prams. Stroller only with recline seat is suitable for baby from their initial month till two to three years. But most of the strollers nowadays provide the benefit of flat position for your babies. Stroller is simply a model with upright seat than pram.

I suggest you to use minimal or fully featured stroller than pram, since stroller have better durability and safety.

Types of strollers

           Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella Stroller

If you live in the location where sun and rain play their roles in extreme fashion. Don’t forget to check the stability.

                                 Double Stroller

Double Stroller

Suits well if you have your lucky twins.



Generally for people who jog regularly, but it look big and heavy and make it difficult to turn as you wish. Best to use in hilly areas or rough terrains.

        Three Wheelers stroller

Three Wheelers

Most of them are inflatable and large, improves probability of puncture.

         Four Wheelers/ Standard Stroller

Four Wheelers/ Standard Stroller

Best buy and comfort and some have front facing, rear facing and reversible features. Acts as good travel system too.

How to choose Pram or stroller

  • Before sticking on to the design of stroller, think of the location you are going to use them, type of roads near the places, floor surface either even or uneven, the vehicle you use while travelling, etc.
  • Safety and durability is the foremost one for buying stroller/pram
  • Look for the type of wheels based on the surface you use,
    1. Larger wheels give comfort while using stair case in malls, or pavements in roads parks, etc.
    2. Swivel wheels are good for long distance travel and some terrain areas, but is should have locking feature so that your child cannot slip from any surface especially from hills or terrains.
    3. Inflatable wheels provide more comfort but only issue is it has possibility of getting punctured.
  • If you plan to have more than one children to extend the family, or think to use the stroller for relative, friend or anyone else baby, opt for good quality stroller with longer life time.
  • As size is constraint for most of the things we buy for our little one, here too it raises. Check whether the stroller/pram size when folded suits the space available in your vehicle and home.
  • The seater should be reclined so that it can be used for laying them in flat position while he/she is in his/her 3-6 months and in their older days it can be used simply to place him/her in the backrest.

Main features to look into

The functional features that prevent your baby from getting hurt are foot rest to protect his/her feet, front handle bar, well-padded seats,  convertible backrest, insect protection cover, hood providing maximum shade, drink holders, height adjustable handle, brakes, and seat belts/straps, etc.

If you are the one who look for the best stroller irrespective of price look for the additional functionalities like canopy for protecting your little doll from changing weather, toys, food or child nappy storage, snack tray, and replaceable seat covers since your babies are babies.

If you want your baby to face yourself, there are strollers available that face you.

Stroller/Pram Cart

There are wide variety of prams and strollers available in the market, but, picking the right pram or stroller that suits and comforts you and your baby is what important. They range from simple, mid to expensive and stylish strollers. Most of the products listed are pram cum strollers.

Graco Metro Cruise Stroller, Rs. 36000.00

Incredibly light it doesn't take up too much space and collapses into a compact shape. Plastic wheels, which can be locked or flexible, handle the ground really well. The seat is wide enough to be comfortable, without being hard to navigate through narrow spaces, and this is mainly due to the great design

Mee Mee Pram Cum stroller With Rocking Function Brown, Rs. 6999.00

Comes with a reversible handle making it easier to make contact with your seated baby. The seat belt has a three point harness effectively keeping your child in place even if he is a newborn. The footrest can be locked for extra security of your child.

Babyhug Vogue Stroller, Rs. 6195.00

Makes your outing comfortable and safe with easy to move swivel wheels and sturdy frame. The reversible handle allows the baby to face you when he or she is younger and face forward as they get older. Three reclining positions for added comfort including flat position are for newborn.

Luv Lap Baby StarShine Stroller Cum Pram, Rs. 3699.00

Lightweight, comfortable, versatile, easy to handle, and ideal choice for problem-free city life. A rear mesh basket to carry baby’s essentials and the padded rigid backrest, which is relax reclining to ensure maximum comfort, make this the ideal stroller for use from birth. It has canopy to protect your baby from sunlight.

Stokke Xplory height adjustable baby stroller, $1225.00

Raises your baby higher to promote eye contact and connection, it is suitable from newborn with optional Stokke Xplory Carry Cot. It provides multiple parent and forward facing stroller seat positions, holds toddlers up to 45 lbs with the Stokke Stroller Seat, and has 360° lockable swivel wheels for effortless maneuverability.

Silver Cross Micro Stroller, £70.82

Boasting a multitude of features, an incredibly compact folded size and a very lightweight frame the Silver Cross Micro is the perfect buggy for trips away or days out in the sun where a large cumbersome pushchair isn’t required.

The other best brands are chicco, R for Rabbit, Maclaren StrollerUppababyBugaboo, etc.

You can buy other good strollers and prams from, and, etc.

Walk with your little doll and make your little one know the outside world!!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

An Aficionado by passion, Wordsmith by profession, with a rewarding responsibility, I pen-down reviews geared towards all grades of people, creative entrepreneurs, shopaholics, home-makers, new mums and dads, students and many more to build and attain their own dream.