Potty train your little doll!!!

Modified: 16 July 2016

Is your baby ready for potty training? If yes, your basic need for it is toilet seat or potty chair. The fraught time span you train your baby will be a great and funny memory that can be nurtured in your olden days. If you start potty train your baby in their earlier stage when he/she seems to be ready, it is so good and you are sure that your little doll has learnt a good habit and you can maintain both of your home and baby hygiene. During this training so many messy accidents will happen, through which you should not stop the training, overcome them and make your baby do their business without any hurdle.

Potty chair are the one that collects wee and poo of your little in one place without any scatter. There are so many potty chairs/seats at different price ranges available in the market, but you have to choose the one based on the stability and comfort.

Potty training

Look for your little darling body awareness like whether he/she is interested in potty training, able to sit idle in a place for a while, follow your instructions, shows some signs while starting and ending the business, etc.

Instruct your child to inform when he/she feel to use washroom, and look for signs like wriggling, squatting, or clasping his/her genital area.

Make him/her have frequent visits to restroom.

Place a potty chair in bathroom, or the place where your child plays or stays, and ensure that it provides stability and your baby can firmly rest on it.

Stay with him/her still they complete their job, to avoid small incident and messy scattering of their babyish activities.

Praise your child for instructing you and completing his/her business successfully.

Do not punish them if they do some funny/messy activities that may make you task of cleaning the surrounding, toilet chair and your baby a tedious one.

Train him/her to pull on and off the underwear or pants they wear in future, which will make you and your little doll free from diaper and will cut down the diaper expenses.

Make him/her do some activities like reading book, playing with small toy or remote toys, etc. to avoid their distraction and to prevent them from moving to other place.

If your baby refuses for the training wait for some more months.

Types of Potty chair

Basic Potty chair

Basic Potty chairBasic Potty chair

It is a traditional and basic potty chair which is single piece seat which will enable your baby to rest on it with his/her feet touching the ground supporting their more natural position. Its size is compact and portable and has reduced weight. But it has improved possibility of distracting your baby. After your baby completes the job, you are required to empty the contents and wash the potty chair manually. It prevents injury of falling from specific heights. The concern with this is you need to train your baby separately for toilet usage.

Two-piece potty chair

Two-piece potty chairTwo-piece potty chair

The name itself makes you know that this type of potty chair comes with removable cup, and base chair. It provides all the basic uses as a basic traditional chair. The additional benefit is you need not wash the complete potty chair every time, just need to wash the removable cup.

Modern potty chair

Modern potty chairModern potty chairModern potty chair

These are potty chairs with additional and affordable features like handles, toilet paper holder, cushion seat, backrest, lights, deodorizer, etc. This will grab your child and prevent them from moving away from them.

Toilet Trainer/Potty seats

Potty seats reducing the adult toilet size are the one generally used if your baby is tall enough but small enough to center of your toilet seat. The concern is you have to remove the topping each time when adults are using the toilet and when your baby slips it causes harmful injury to them. You always need to supervise them unless they are smart enough to use it and a good one is your baby learns how to use the adult toilet in future.

Basic potty seat

Basic potty seatBasic potty seat

A common ring shaped potty seat that tops your regular adult toilet which ensures that your baby wouldn’t fall inside it. It is easy to put on and off from the top of the adult toilet.

Potty seat with ladder/stool

Potty seat with ladder/stoolPotty seat with ladder/stool

Do not worry to buy separate potty seats if your little grows little older. This two-in-one potty seat will solve your problem, if your baby is old enough to steadily stand, sit and use the toilet seat and if they need to do the business, they simply climb the small little ladder and sit on the top and continue with their job. This will reduce the job of supervising them and cleaning the potties. The concern with this are space consumption and heavier than basic one.

Multi-purpose trainer

Multi-purpose potty trainerMulti-purpose potty trainer

You can use this in all stages of your child from 6-7 months to 3-4 years. It serves three purposes, can be used as potty chair, toilet trainer, and stool for using adult toilet. This will help potty train your baby with one tool. But since it is expensive, my suggestion is it is better to buy separate parts in different ages if you are on heavy budget.

Potty Chair and Potty Seat Cart

Look for the features like stability and safety, splash guard (especially for boy baby), and design and alarm (if affordable) in potty chair and features like toddler-friendly, portability, suction cups, wings, hinge, storage, splash guard and cushion seat (if affordable) in potty seat.

Best Potty chairs

Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Musical Potty Trainer Red - SB-PT-10, Rs. 799.00

Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Musical Potty Trainer Red - SB-PT-10

Designed with cute duck character which makes the potty training more inviting to the baby, and includes Squeaky Music in the beak to motivate return trips, soft round seat good for the baby’s bottom., and easy to clean bucket.

Mee Mee Baby Trainer Potty Seat, Rs. 549.00

Mee Mee Baby Trainer Potty Sea

Made of durable PVC that is non-toxic and BPA free. It helps parents comfortably & hygienically toilet train little kids and regular use helps your baby independently use the toilet seat over time.

Musical Baby Potty Seat Car Pattern – Yellow from Fab and Funky, Rs. 1505.00

Musical Baby Potty Seat Car Pattern – Yellow from Fab and Funky

Smooth, simple, light-weight, portable and musical potty have no edges to pinch your toddler thighs and have attractive car shape. It includes low splash guard, and suits babies of 12+ months.

Fisher Price Fun to Learn Potty, £49.99

Fisher Price Fun to Learn Potty

Designed to look like a toilet complete with a lid that lifts up and down, and includes a flush handle that makes a fun clicking sounds and a tissue holder. Seat and the lid can be removed and attached to the adult toilet seat.

Best Potty Seats

Babyhug Cushioned Potty Training Seat With Handle - Pink, Rs. 560.00

Babyhug Cushioned Potty Training Seat With Handle - Pink

Fits perfectly to any regular toilet seat to make the opening smaller. This helps your child to get comfortable and prevent fear of falling in. The soft, cushioned seat adds comfort to your child and the easy grip handles provide stability.
Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up, $25.11

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up

Specially molded non-slip handles for comfort and this kids' potty training seat is ergonomically contoured with built-in deflector and extra wide non-slip floor pads for security.

Bemis 1483SLOW NextStep SLOW Closing Potty Seat, $48.99

Bemis 1483SLOW NextStep SLOW Closing Potty Seat

Features two color-matched bumpers, color-matched Whisper Close with Easy Clean & Change hinges with STA-TITE Seat Fastening System. Integrated solid-plastic child seat to accommodate the needs of both adult and child.

The other good picks are Munchkin arm and hammer 3-in-1 potty seat, Fisher price royal step stool potty, First Years Disney Baby Minnie & Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System, Babybjorn potty chair, Babybjorn Toilet trainer,  Lil loo potty, Ducky fun potty, Next step, mommy’s helper,  etc.

You can buy other good potty trainers from firstcryflipkart.comwalmart.commothercare.com, etc.

Tinkle, Tinkle, little pee, in the potty you will be

Poopy, Poopy stinky-O, in the Potty you will go

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