Put a stop to mosquito bite

You as parents love to do anything and everything for your children, as so you will probably think the various ways available to prevent your little doll. Babies are likely to get bites from mosquitoes since they are not aware of them in their surrounding environment, but the reality is you cannot completely protect them from mosquitoes you can only minimize the mosquito attacks. As it is much important for your baby, even if your home has mosquitoes you can prevent them from biting your little darling through mattress with mosquito nets.

As you all know the severe result of mosquito bites like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, etc., there are many ways to get away from mosquitoes, some are, you can use mosquito repellent that are available in the market, try or search for some natural remedies, lock your windows with mosquito nets, etc.

Are you still worrying about the mosquitoes and the consequences, read on to know about what mosquito bite do, how to prevent them, how to care after a bite, etc. and about the main motto of the article i.e. the best mattress with mosquito nets.

Protect your family from mosquitoes

Always keep your home and environment clean, by removing stagnant water, closing all the area where the possibility of standing water is high and avoid leaving water in flower pots, open containers, punctured or unused tyres, and plastic jars.

Clean the spilled food and dirt around your home then and then, necessarily in the rooms where your baby plays or sleeps.

Cover your windows, doors and any open spaces in your sweet home with mosquito nets.

Have mosquito nets attached with the baby crib, mattress, play mats, bassinets, strollers, prams, etc.

Use mosquito or insect repellent on your baby skin based on his/her age.

Dress your baby and yourself in light colors, as dark colors attracts insects. If the mosquito population is high, dress your baby such that he/she is completely covered, you can also use socks, gloves, head caps, etc. But make sure he/she feels comfort in wearing them.

Do not use room spray, bathing bars, lotions, powders, and perfumes, etc. with heavy fragrance.

You can also use mosquito indoor repellents and other repellents containing DEET (diethyl toluamide), and PMD (p-Methane-3, 8-diol).

Have a moving fan but not near the baby, to avoid landing of mosquitoes in specific space.

Do’s After the Bite

First and initial effect after a mosquito bite is red marks and swelling, so it’s your responsibility to remove them, cold compress and gently rub the attacked space and add perfume or spray containing aluminum chloride to reduce the swelling size. And one more suggestion is you can try Anti-histamines to reduce the itchiness.

Make sure you cut or trim your baby nails properly such that even if they rub on the mosquito-attacked area, scratches should not be created. In this way you are preventing skin abrasion, bacterial infection, or hypersensitivity.

Last but not the least, consulting doctor is a better idea if none of the solution works and if your baby has fever, vomiting, etc.

Natural ways to protect your doll from mosquitoes

Plant plants like Marigold, Aloe vera, Basil, Catnip, Thai Lemon Grass, Garlic, Rosemary, Citronella grass, Tansies, Cadaga tree, Floss flower, Eucalyptus, Mint, Tea Tree, etc.

Garlic is a one of the good environment-friendly vegetable, but it is not safer to use directly on your little doll skin. So mix it with water or try repellents rich in garlic.

Keeping lemon near the windows and door will work little to keep your children away from mosquitoes.

Lavender oil which smells is also good for bug repellents, mixing it with other essentials will double the benefits.

Citronella oil which when used in candles gives you a great relief from mosquitoes, and applying it directly onto skin will prevent your baby completely.

Catnip oil, soyabean oil, eucalyptus, lime tree, peppermint and other essential oils have some specific properties that repel the mosquitoes.

Mattress with Mosquito Net cart

Mosquito net are the ones that create a protective barrier for the people sleeping under them. A well-treated mosquito net will not only free your baby doll from mosquitoes but also your family. Either have your windows and doors covered with these mosquito nets or have a mattress attached with mosquito nets for your baby.

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Sleep tight little doll!!!

Review written by Uma Balakrishnan

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