Wither your baby laundry!!!

Modified: 16 July 2016

Taking care of baby clothes may be an embarrassing task for you (parents). Clothes are the ones that stick close to your little angel skin, so it is your uppermost business to keep your baby and their clothes cleaner, healthier and hygienic. We have made you an expert in washing your baby clothes using best baby laundry detergents. So now, we train you in drying the clothes effectively.

I know you all well concentrate on your little doll right from mattress, cradle to toilet seat as so for healthier and germ free clothes. Do not dry the clothes until you are sure that the stain and detergents/soap are removed. Does not panic on drying all your baby laundry, here are some tips that make your drying task easier and trouble-free. Do not make your baby wear wet and dirt clothes to prevent them from skin damage and health issues like fever, cold, etc.

Drying and storing baby clothes

After washing, make sure that the baby clothes are free from soapy foams, stains, etc. and the detergents and soaps are removed.

Soak/dip your baby clothes in warm water before drying it to kill the germs.

Dry your baby clothes under sun which will ensure that the germs and bacteria are killed effectively and the fabric and color of the clothes are preserved.

Store them in clean storage area i.e. cupboards, baby change drawer, shelves, etc. through which the baby clothes are maintained bacteria and dirt free for future use.

Arrange them in the clothes line under sun, radiate them in less heat, or leave them through a dry cycle in your washing machine.

Tumble Dry?

If it is rainy outside use this option else go with sun dry or dry the clothes inside your home wherever possible.

Be confident that the possible stains like baby oils, foods, juices, creams, etc. are removed before you tumble dry, because after tumble dry cycle it will be hard to remove them.

Tumble dry your baby clothes, if and only if the cloth has mentioned it and tumble dry them in less heat.

Overheating may shrink your little darling clothes at rare times, but tumble dry at less heat may soften the clothes and does not create much harm to baby skin.

Do not use the clothes immediate after tumble dried.

Clothes dryer cart

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Go natural!!! Air dry and radiate your little doll clothes under sun!!!

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