Are you a travelholic having your new little doll?

Modified: 16 July 2016

Not to bother, be ready with all the necessary things that are needed for your little one and arrange them in a baby travel bag.

New to baby travel bag? Do not think much, baby travel bag is similar to other travel bags but especially manufactured for storing baby essentials/necessities. They have separate pockets for different purpose like diaper storage, toys storage, feeding bottle, etc., while providing easier access to all the location without any ado.

Some are designed to serve multi-purpose like act as bassinet, diaper change bag, change table, pacifier case and travel trolley etc.

Check list before you start travel with your little tyke

Hold on mom and dad!! Do not prefer to pick those items which are available in the destination, so that the burden to be loaded into travel bag is reduced. Pick the items that are necessarily needed to transfer from source to destination.

Note: Check whether the contact number of your baby pediatrician is updated correctly.

Check list starts here

(tick) Prescribed medications

(tick) Bibs

(tick) Clean Feeding bottle

(tick) Torch/nightlight

(tick) Clean sippers

(tick) Inflatable bath tub (if necessary)

(tick) Diapers (Count based on the times you change)

(tick) Care tools like collapsible stroller, car seat, carriers and portable crib

(tick) Changing mat

(tick) Toys (favorite for your baby)

(tick) Clothes not excluding socks and booties and blankets

(tick) Travel bottle (Small sized) of moisturizer, baby wash, and shampoo

(tick) Plastic bags for storing used items.

(tick) Breast pump (if you are pumping)

(tick) Wipes and tissues

(tick) Books

(tick) Food for baby

(tick) Hooded towels

(tick) Formula milk

(tick) Diaper cream

(tick) Teethers and pacifiers

(tick) Cotton swabs

Some safety tips

  • Use removable sun shade screens attached to the windows if you have the baby in car.
  • Ensure that the seat belts are strapped properly and always have them in back seat.
  • Seat them in baby car seat or booster seat.
  • Are you going to travel in flight? Think whether your baby is okay with flight hosting and landing sounds else distract them with toys, communication or feeding.
  • Make your baby used to the new timing (if different from your regular life style) few days before the journey.
  • Have sunscreen if the destination is sun’s favorite home.
  • Prepare some sticky note for the emergency precautions you generally do for your baby (if you are bad at memory, Cool!).

Travel bag cart

3 in 1 - Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Change Station, Rs. 12498.00

 3 in 1 - Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Change Station

This is a three in one system, the ultimate travel bassinet for baby, combining a comfortable sleep with the convenience of a change station and the storage space of a diaper bag. Mom and Dad will love a single bag for all of baby's needs on your next vacation.

Okkatots Baby Travel Depot Diaper Bag Backpack$109.99 and Rs. 17593.00

 Okkatots Baby Travel Depot Diaper Bag BackpackOkkatots Baby Travel Depot Diaper Bag Backpack

Its features include diaper station with soft changing pad, removable wipe dispenser and space for sixteen large diapers, insulated pocket holding several baby bottles or sippy cups, ventilated pouch keeping two pacifiers clean and dry.

Delta Baby travel nursery bag and carry cot€54.99 and $177.90

Delta Baby travel nursery bag and carry cot

It is convertible into a comfortable carrycot and is ideal to carry the entire baby’s stuff, for the baby to sleep in, or for changing the baby. Includes four large storage compartments, one of which is equipped with isothermal covers to keep the baby’s bottles and meals at a constant temperature. More details

Obersee Extra-Large Diaper Changing Station Bag, Rs. 2121.00

Obersee Extra-Large Diaper Changing Station BagObersee Extra-Large Diaper Changing Station Bag

Includes extra-large changing mat that folds out from bag and a packing cube big enough for all the diapers, wipes and other essentials you'll need on the go. It is best suited for multiple kids. The cube has mesh front for easy viewing, and inner elastic straps so items stay in place.

Bazaar Pirates Mama's First Choice Baby Diaper Bag & Kids Luggage Bag, Rs. 2000.00

Bazaar Pirates Mama\'s First Choice Baby Diaper Bag & Kids Luggage BagBazaar Pirates Mama\'s First Choice Baby Diaper Bag & Kids Luggage Bag

You can comfortably carry all that you need for your baby in this compact diaper bag. It comes in bright colors and with fun patterns. Stash all diapers, drying towels, baby powder and all that baby needs in this organizer and carry it along with your baby.

9 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Travel Bed Cot Baby Bassinet and Diaper Bag

9 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Travel Bed Cot Baby Bassinet and Diaper Bag9 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Travel Bed Cot Baby Bassinet and Diaper Bag

The nine multi-functions include water resistant bedding, changing Pad, insulated pocket, entertainment bar, mosquito netting, stroller hanging straps, diaper bag, shuttle bed, and carry cot. More Details

Some other travel bags are

  1. Tinny Tots 4pcs Baby Diaper Nappy Bag Backpack (Rs.2499.00)
  2. Little's Mama Bag (Rs. 395.00)
  3. Ole Baby Big Multi-Utility Joyful Print Tote Diaper Bag (Rs.799.00)

And other good ones from first, and buybuybaby, etc.

Have baby travel bag!! Begin your great journey!!!

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