Does your little darling have fever?

Here the need for thermometer comes to light. We all know thermometer is a device used to measure human body temperature. Generally, it is inserted into the mouth under the tongue (oral or sub-lingual temperature), under the armpit (axillary temperature), or into the rectum through the anus (rectal temperature).

But you should know that thermometer used for adults and babies are different, most of the times i.e. in their initial months, baby’s forehead or body may be hot which makes you worry. Consulting doctor each time when your baby is hot is waste of time and valuable money so for every home with a child baby thermometer has its predominant role.

Each time when your baby constantly cries, says no to food, restricts to play, and shows some different abnormal signs, he/she is trying to convey something like they are not feeling well, feeling stomach pain, etc. to you. Finding the concern in initial stage is like getting the half of the solution for the problem as so baby thermometer will make you know about the accurate baby temperature and you can decide whether it is normal or abnormal, thereby now we cut your unwanted medical expenses and prevent your baby from severe adverse effects.

So, moms do not hurry in buying the thermometer, wait we will guide you through, stay here for some more time to read on about the types of thermometer, uses and advantages of them, best baby thermometer, etc.

Types of thermometer

Baby thermometers are especially designed for baby smaller size and shape. Do not measure the temperature right after bath, after swaddling, or after he/she is held tightly or already warmed due to some activities like playing with hot water bottle, was in a warm room, etc. Let him/her cool for some time, generally for 15 to 20 minutes.

Baby Rectal Thermometer

Suitable for newborns, and gives you most accurate body temperature because of the location you insert them. You must use it on baby anus. Most common concern is the reduced durability and shock factor. Wash it after every use.

Baby Rectal thermometerBaby Rectal Thermometer

How to use

Smear the thermometer with petroleum jelly. Lay your baby on their backside and insert it into their anus/rectum. Firmly hold it until it finished taking reading, and after completion remove and note the reading.

Caution: Do not insert deeply into the anus/rectum.

Temporal Artery/Forehead Thermometer

It is suitable for babies between 3 months to 3 years. Uses IR rays sent forth from temporal artery/forehead and simply reads the multiple points especially in the portion between hairline and eyebrow to give you the baby temperature.

Artery/Foerhead ThermometerArtery/Forehead thermometer

How to Use

Switch on it, and gently sweep forward and backward across the forehead of your little one. Remove it and note the reading

Baby Armpit Thermometer

As the name itself says you the location to use, but this will not as accurate as other thermometers. Because the reading taken in armpit thermometer may vary at least two degree greater or lesser than real temperature, you can cross check the rectal, oral, forehead temperature with this one. Not suitable for babies since it will be difficult for you to hold it their underarms.

Baby Armpit thermometerBaby Armpit thermometer

How to Use

Insert the thermometer under the arms of your baby while ensuring that it touches the skin not the clothing, and firmly press your baby arms across the chest till the reading completes. Hold it as per the user manual instructions based on device (Generally 15 seconds). Remove and note the temperature.

Baby Ear Thermometer

It gives you the reading faster by the IR heat waves given off from ear drum. It is most commonly preferred in hospitals, and is comfortable for babies. The designed itself has a curve which makes your task of positioning the thermometer into right place a difficult one. Not suited for babies less than 1year and expensive too.

Baby Ear ThemometerBaby Ear Thermometer

How to Use

Switch on and gently insert it near the ear canal, read the manual instructions carefully while positioning the thermometer near the ear canal. Firmly hold it till it indicates the reading completion. Remove it and down write the temperature.

Baby Oral Thermometer

It will be familiar to you since you will have experienced this while you are sick. This is not at all suitable babies till 3years since the possibility of swallowing the thermometer is very high. And also it is impossible for you to firmly hold this in their mouth.

Baby Oral ThermometerBaby Oral Thermometer

How to Use

Switch it on and place it under your baby’s tongue towards back of the mouth and ensure their lips are closed. After the reading is done, remove it and read the number. Have 15 minutes interval between the temperature measurement and baby meal time.

Multiuse Thermometer

Multiuse thermometers are the ones you can use underarm, mouth, anus or ear, but it is recommended to use in any one of the location. It will be messy to use it in mouth after using it in anus or vice versa. And also you may feel difficult to use than the thermometers designed for specific part. But are cheap and available mostly in all the drug stores.

Thermometers to neglect

Mercury in-glass thermometer

Mercury in glass thermometers are old and are hard to find now, if you have one stop using it since you have high risk of exposing your baby to poisonous mercury and it has possibility of getting damaged easily.


Temperature Strip

Temperature strips are the ones that waste your money it can read the temperature of skin accurately not your baby body temperature.


Wearable baby thermometer

Wearable thermometer most probably a bracelet will be inaccurate due to its surrounding environment temperature.




Temperature chart and Doctor Consultation

Normal temperature for a baby is 97.5 ° F, but sometimes it may vary for different children.

Baby Age

Thermometer Type


Consult Doctor

0-3 Months

Regular Digital rectal thermometer

Rectal temperature of 100.4 ° F


Oral temperature of 100 ° F


Armpit temperature of 99 ° F


3 Months – 4 Years

Rectal, armpit or temporal artery thermometer

102 ° F


4 Years or Older

Rectal, armpit, temporal artery, oral, or a digital ear thermometer.

Above 102 ° F



Thermometer Cart

Hello moms and dads, look into some of these basic aspects while buying baby thermometer, they are

Accuracy, time it takes to display the result, clear, visible and backlit display, larger display, alarm or beep tones, flexible tip, reliability, thermometer safety cover, abnormal temperature alert, and memory (optional). So what are you waiting for, check the top thermometers here and pick yours.

New Basic Chicco Thermometer, Rs. 499, Buy here.

Exclusively designed with extra small, thin probe specially studied for babies. It is suitable for rectal, underarm or oral measurement. Its main features include Fever alarm, Acoustic signal once measurement is completed, Memory function, and Automatic switch off

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer, Rs. 2042.00

Features a short probe tip for safe rectal readings, as well as large backlight LCD display that makes it easy to read in the dark. Gives you the readings in 10seconds.

Braun NTF3000US Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer, Rs. 6336.00 and $59.99.

Incorporated patented technology that captures twice as much body heat to ensure accurate results and has large, easy to read screen, color-coded fever guidance to track progression of fever, and gentle LED light and on-screen indicators.

Chicco Ear Thermometer IR comfort quick, Rs. 3499.00

Extremely user-friendly and its smart design guarantees exceptionally accurate readings and ideal for ensuring correct installation of the disposable probe covers. It provides secure storage of the thermometer and all its accessories.

Omron MC-720 non-contact Forehead Thermometer, Rs. 1429.00

Provides fast forehead temperature measurement, suitable for all ages, including infants and young children. 3 measurement modes: Forehead (body) Temperature | Room Temperature | Surface Temperature (such as a baby bath or bottle).

Innoo Tech Baby Thermometer-Forehead & Ear Thermometer, Rs. 3536.00

Its features include 8 functions -in- one button (Ear/Forehead/Ambient/Clock/Food&Drink/3 Color Alarm) and is object accurate and reliable, measures temperature for body (forehead &ear) and utilizes newest infra-red detection technology.

You can buy other good baby thermometer from firstcry, buybuybaby,, toysrus, and, etc.

Have a baby thermometer, and free your fever ado.

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