Scratch resistant for your baby ;)

Newborn babies’ nails are softer and more flexible in nature. Little fingernails grow fast from infancy to toddler-hood, and they are sharp too. You may worry because, during first few weeks, they can scratch their own delicate face while happily waving their hands and feet. So you need to clip off those itty-bitty fingernails now and then. His/her toenails may grow more slowly so they don’t need to be trimmed often. It isn’t a good idea to bite baby nails yourself since this can spread germs or infection.  At first, it can be a bit unnerving for the parents to do this task. But, if you know the right way to do this and the right product then it’s all easy. Come let’s dive deeper on how to cut your baby’s nails and some good stuff available online.

Doctors recommend that it is safe to use only an emery board in the first few weeks of newborn babies because their nails are very soft. And new parents are also more likely to accidentally clip their baby's skin.

Cut your baby’s nails with utmost care

The best way to do this task is when your newborn is asleep very calm or drowsy. Another good time to cut your baby’s nails is right after a bath, when your baby's nails are softest. For older children, you can make them sit on a high chair or car seat where you can strap your child in. Also, make sure you have a plenty of light, so you’ll know what you’re doing. Use a pair of special baby nail clippers and scissors or an emery board that are specially designed for tiny fingers. Press the finger pad away from your baby’s nails to avoid nicking the skin, keep a firm hold on your baby's hand as you clip.

Follow the given tips while cutting his/her tiny nails:

  • Find a partner so that one can hold your baby’s hand as the other trims the nails.
  • Cut fingernails along the curve of the finger. Cut toenails straight across to prevent ingrown nails. Then use an emery board to smooth out rough edges.
  • Talk calmly or sing to your baby as you trim the nails in order to distract him/her.
  • After your baby has grown up, you might be able to distract her with a toy or activity.
  • You can also encourage your baby for helping you finish so that you both feel good about getting the job done.

Things to know if you’ve cut your baby’s fingertip:

  • If you accidentally nick his/her fingertip and if his/her skin bleeds then rinse under cool water and gently press a soft cloth pad onto the cut until the bleeding stops.
  • Don’t try to put on a dressing because your baby might suck it off.  If you’re worried about the cut, take your baby to see your General Practitioner.
  • If you want to protect your baby then you can cover your young baby’s hands with a pair of soft, cotton mittens. This will stop him/her scratching themself.

Top baby nail cutters are given below

1.The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper , Click here to buy

 The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper

Clipping baby's tiny nails can be stressful-unless you have the right tool.This deluxe nail clipper has a fold-away 4x magnifier to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain, with precision, stainless steel blades and an ergonomic sure-grip shape. Sized and scaled for tiny nails, you'll breathe a sigh of relief with this clever clipper in hand.

Price: Rs.275

2. Summer Infant Complete Nail Clipper Set, Click here to buy

 Summer Infant Complete Nail Clipper Set

A complete grooming cum health set for your little one. This set includes basic health necessary items with grooming items. it can be used right from birth up to toddler year. Every component from this set is useful and necessary while the baby's growing years

Price: Rs.1999

3. Rikang Baby Safety Scissors With Circular Cutter Head, Click here to buy

Rikang Baby Safety Scissors With Circular Cutter Head

This pair of Safety Scissors is Designed for cutting your baby's nails. The Circular Cutter Head of these scissors is Specially Designed for Safely Cutting Nails of your Infant. The short size of the cutting blades is particularly suited for nails of your little one. It enables you to see the baby's nails clearly so that you don't accidently hurt the fingers. 

Price: Rs.175

4. Yellow Piyo Piyo  Baby Nail Scissors, Click here to buy

Yellow Piyo Piyo  Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Nail Scissor is an excellent product and a must for babies. These baby nail scissors are made in stainless steel (no nickel) and have curved blades with rounded points to ensure complete safety during use. Its balanced handle fits easily into either hand.

Price:  Rs.599

5. Safety 1st Sleepy baby Nail Clipper, Click here to buy

   Safety 1st Sleepy baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper illuminates tiny nails for tear-free clipping so you can confidently and accurately clip without waking your baby. It has an emery board slot for steady filing and a non-replaceable battery is included. There is a built-in LED light with curved cutting edges.

Price: Rs. 1008

6. MEE MEE Nail Cutter, Click here to buy

   MEE MEE Nail Cutter

Mee Mee Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier is carefully made to making baby nail cutting easier and safer. It has 4 x magnifiers to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain while trimming babys tiny nail. It has stainless steel blades and gives sure-grip which provides excellent control.

Price: Rs.199

7. Pigeon Baby Nail Scissor, Click here to buy  

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissor

Pigeon present this nail scissor for trimming your little one's soft and delicate nails. Rounded tips are safe for baby. Made from fine quality stainless steel, this nail scissor is ideal for baby care. Its key features includes safety rounded tip, safety cap for hygienic storage and a fine quality stainless steel.

Price: Rs.700

8. Best Baby Nail Clippers Set with Scissors, Click here to buy

Best Baby Nail Clippers Set with Scissors


This is another scissor set which is made for baby nails. It comes in a lovely package and the scissor set contains one sharp and safely-designed scissors, the nail buffer as well as the nail clipper. This is really a complete set for baby nail cutting or clipping while each of those have been made very small with best suitable design to use with baby. All of their blades are made from stainless steel. It could stay sharp for a long period of time.

Price: Rs.2038

9. Nuby Infant Nail Clipper, Click here to buy

Nuby Infant Nail Clipper


Designed to clip baby nails fast and safely, Nuby Infant is a small and easy to use nail clipper with a quality and dull proof blade made of durable stainless steel. It is durable, attainable cheap in stores, and has a light and portable design that you can carry along during your trips and use to groom your baby’s delicate nails on demand. Although simple, this clipper will serve you well for several years.

Price: $5.99  

10. Dreambaby Deluxe, Click here to buy

        Dreambaby Deluxe


This Deluxe edition of the acclaimed Dreambaby line of baby clippers is a durable top-quality model with a light and easy to control design, corrosion proof stainless steel blades, and a built-in magnifying glass that you can use to zoom onto your baby’s finger when grooming for a safe and memorable experience. This clipper is affordable. It works well on infants and big kids and has an ergonomic plastic handle that fits comfortably in the hand for safety. A new Dreambaby will serve you well for several years.

Price: Rs.1357

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