Make your baby's meal time a fun time through high chair

Modified: 16 June 2016

From four to six months your little doll is ready for solid foods and if he/she manages to sit with a support or sit idle, they are ready to join your meal times. You can enjoy the meal time with your baby through the high chairs available in the market.

High chairs are adjustable and available in different sizes and models. It makes your (parents) task of feeding easier than holding him/her in a place and following them to feed a single spoon. You can simply make your little one sit in the chair in a comfortable position and feed him/her, while providing toys, making him laugh, and allowing him/her to enjoy the meal time. The high chair may simply be used as dining chair and serve many purposes like it gives independence to your baby, and make him/her learn to feed themselves.

Enjoy your own meal time with them, so that they may learn good habits from you and this will make him know about the hand and eye coordination. And remember to make your baby rejoice their meal time with you by smiling at them, speaking to them, etc. and this will make them know about the members of the family well. Until your baby learns to eat properly, avoid following the table manners.

Baby high chair benefits

  • Makes your baby feel part of the family
  • Gives him degree of independence
  • Creates less dirt to floor and table.
  • Gives you the chance of rejoicing the meal time with your new meal time partner.
  • Make your baby know to feed themselves
  • Well featured high chair can be used as your car seat too in future.

Types of high chairs

Basic metal or plastic frame traditional high chair

Traditional high chairs are available in simple designs just like a kid chair but a higher one. They are designed with the intention to attract child and save space. Most of the traditional chairs cannot be fold thereby occupying its own place in the home. If you are on very tight budget you can go for this but you must know that it is not providing safety for your child’s inevitable movements.

Basic metal or plastic frame traditional high chairBasic metal or plastic frame traditional high chair 

Modern and full featured high chair

The name modern itself speaks you about the features and comfort it provides your baby. Some of the good features are recline seat, height adjustable seat, chair, and footrest, well-padded cushion seats, detachable trays, tray covers for making washing easier, detachable wheels, and booster seat for future purpose, etc. It can be folded thereby ensuring little space. You can simply move them from one place to another without any difficulty of disturbing other nearby items. They are made available in different colors of your choice.

Modern and full featured high chairModern and full featured high chair 

Travel High Chair

It is especially designed for outdoor use specifically when you are on a picnic, holiday or relax time in beach. Most of the travel chairs are designed with a metal frame, and does not require any assembly work to be formed while deploying. They don’t have any space constraint while you carry it. The only issue is due to the canvas trays while feeding him/her food or allowing them to feed themselves, the chances for spilling of food increases. It is not suitable for home use.

Travel High ChairTravel High Chair

Portable and hook on high chair

Hook on high chairs are table chairs, the name itself make you know that this is the one you can attach to a table where you have a meal, soft drinks, or table at a gathering. But thinking of using it while travelling is not a good idea, you need not expect the type of table that suits your travel chair in the outdoor areas. The hook on chair do not have tray and is inexpensive too.

Portable and hook on high chairPortable and hook on high chair

How to choose the best high chair

  • Fix your budget, high chair type and space available for it.
  • Always pick the high chair that supports recognized safety standards and secures him/her in most of the little cute movements.
  • Carefully read the weight that is supported by the high chair and think whether it suits your baby size and weight.
  • Wide, stable base and safety belt are the basic ones that make you decide on safety.
  • Opt for the dining chair that supports multiple heights.
  • Always prefer high chair with a feed tray
  • Look for easily cleanable chair
  • Cushion and comfort seating arrangement
  • If you are baby is between 5 to 9 months, consider the one that supports crouch position.
  • Depend upon the space you have on your home, search for the right size that fits into the space.
  • If you are looking for the best stylish and high functionality chair irrespective of price, explore the high chair with removable seat cover, detachable tray, compactly foldable chair, travel friendly, extreme safety levels, etc.
  • Can try for a high chair that can be used during his/her initial months, toddler time, and junior time.

Secure your little darling

  • Supervise him out frequently to avoid slipping of your precious one.
  • Check whether you have properly and securely buckled the straps in the seat.
  • Never use high chairs on uneven and slippery surfaces
  • If your baby is very active and naughty, avoid leaving him/her in high chair for long time.
  • Train them in using spoons so as to avoid giving pressure on the food bowls and the feed tray.

High Chairs Cart

Key things you need to look into while buying or thinking of buying high chair are cushion and comfortable seat, feed and play tray, wheels, safety seat straps/belt, foot rest, versatile and adjustable chair, sturdy security and safety, storage flexibility, and playable hanging toys, etc.

You can use the high chair even when your baby is five, so do not worry about its usage, and invest on it without any hassle. If you are on budget and even if you want modern chairs opt for used high chairs but look for the sharp ends, broken belts, loose parts, rotten smell, etc.

Fisher Price 4-in-1 High Chair, Rs. 7999

Lightweight and compact meal time chair. It is easy open or fold, using the intuitive controls, and folds down very small in a simple, but safe way. When folded the chair takes up a minimum space for storage.

Luv Lap Baby High Chair Sunshine Orange, Rs. 3299

Brighten your baby lunches, dinners and snack time with this attractive Luv Lap Baby High Chair - Sunshine. The 5-point safety harness of this high chair holds your active and energetic kid in place.

High chair with Tray, Animal Print Pink, Rs. 7975

Padded highchair with height adjustment feature ensures your child can be comfortable while sitting with the family for dinner. Its removable tray with bottle holder can be easily removed for cleaning. Cushioned seat pads and safety harness keeps your young one secure while seated.

Graco Blossom LX 4-in-1 Seating System, $189.99

6-position height adjustment assures a front row seat for baby at any family table. And the 3-position removable footrest and 3-position one-hand reclining seat will ensure your growing child stays comfortable at mealtime. Includes bonus harness covers and extra tray insert for easier clean-up.

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair - Graphite, $119.99

5 height settings and depth-adjustable tray adapted to suit babies’ needs over time. The contoured seat is great for infants, and can recline if they fall asleep after feeding. Tray stores on the back of legs when not in use.

Fisher Price Rain forest Healthy care High chair, $139.99

Includes removable chair pad, straps and toys, so baby can play with it even when not in the high chair, and enhances fine motor skills as baby reaches and grasps onto tethered rainforest toy, presses buttons, spins animals and more.

You can also buy other good brands from, and toysrus.

Enjoy your meal time with your little darling and rejoice their funny mess!!!

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