Your baby deserves a safe place to sleep!

Every baby deserves to have a safe and a peaceful sleep. Isn’t it? When you don’t want her to sleep near you (i.e. your bed), you will obviously search for a better option. There are many varieties of beds for your infant/toddler. Make sure you choose the right one that will suit your family requirements. Some of them are Moses basket, palna, jhola, carrycot, hammock etc., The most used ones are cribs and bassinets.

All about cribs/ cradles/ bassinets

Cribs are a stationary enclosure that can adapt with the child as she grows. They are produced from wood or artificial supplies and they tend to have a longer lifespan when comparing to cradles/bassinets but it takes up more space. They are expensive but can be easily converted to toddler bed.


Cradles also called as palna is made of wood, steel or aluminum and is a popular option for newborns. One type has a firm base and a moving bed portion. The other type of cradle has a rounded base which can make the bed stay firm but the whole cradle will rock gently back and forth. They are generally in the first six months of your baby’s life.


Bassinets are similar to cradles, but they don’t rock like a cradle.  They provide a cozy comfort and many moms prefer it for their babies. They are smaller in size and easier to lean over. Since it has wheels it can be easily carried from one place to another while your baby is sleeping. But it has weight limits and it can be used only for first few months.


What to look for when buying

Spacing/Storage:  The one that you are going to buy must fit in your room. Portable or mini-cribs occupies less space than full-size cribs. Some can be folded or collapsed while some will have wheels which can be rolled around the house.

Stability/Support:  Stability is another important thing. Shake and see in the store or after you have put it in your home. Check if everything is attached properly. If it wobbles or rattles, it may have been put together improperly and you can choose a sturdier crib

Mattress Type: There are two most common types sold such as innerspring and foam and both are available in thicknesses between 3 and 6 inches. For foam mattress, high density is more important than the thickness and you can check that by verifying the weight. (heavier is denser and one that’s the same size is lighter).

Frame size: The crib inside should have length of at least 131.4 cm and width of 69.5 cm to firmly house a typical mattress specifically designed fro crib. The mattress (fabric case) should fit perfectly into the crib such that there is no space between the mattress edges and the crib walls. So now you saved your little one from getting trapped in that space.

Flexibility: The cribs are expensive and it must be versatile enough to get converted to a toddler bed, day bed, or full-size bed. Many cribs are designed to make sure that the crib transformation is relatively easy to perform while still improving the appealing look of the furniture.Some come with underneath storage drawers and changing table.

Adjustable mattress height: Most cribs come with the feature where you can change the height of the crib mattress by simply lifting the mattress support up and down. When your child starts to sit up and get more active then it’s the time to lower the mattress as they can climb and fall out of the crib. So make sure you buy a adjustable mattress.

Most of the parents in India love to and believe in co-sleeping the baby in the infant stage. I am sure you have some ado to decide upon buying a cradle/bassinet for your baby or directly consider buying a crib. So, it’s important to consider your choice. I have listed some of the best products available online from which you can pick your choice.

Best cribs for the year 2016

I have arranged the best bibs in the order of their prices. Click on the link for the cribs details and specifications.

Cradles you can trust

You can trust these cradles if you choose to buy one.

Top Bassinets that can be bought online

Some of the safest bassinets are given below:


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