Carry your baby with you all the times!!!

Modified: 16 July 2016

Are you the one who loves you little darling a little more than all others do, thinks them as your whole world, and does everything for your tyke, here comes baby carrier which makes all your wishes true by wearing your baby wherever you go, while freeing your hands. Your newborn love the snug hold (near the chest) that the baby carriers give them while worn.

It is not that you (mom) alone should use the carrier, any one (especially dad) can wear it, so both of you (mom and dad) and your baby can enjoy all the natural moments and also it eases your day to day household work a lot, and frees your stress while passing crowded places or shopping area.

 Traditional baby carriers

Always be sure that your little darling feels secure, comfort and safe and makes them happy, if you fail in choosing the right carrier, neither of these will happen.


  • Chore of breast feed is made easier since you can breast feed them wherever they wish.
  • Have more time to spend for your little darling siblings.
  • Can hold your little one in different positions i.e. hip, front side, and back side.
  • Reduce your little darling worries like crying, carving, etc.
  • Introduce your tot to all the places, things, communication, and all other aspects in which you participate
  • Avoids spinal and cranial deformities.
  • Regulates own physiological functions like breathing, heart rate, temperature in response to the parents or who holds them in carrier.
  • Make them learn a lot.
  • Last but the important one is bonding, yes it improves parent-child bonding and make them know about your complete care.


  • Risk of hip dysplasia, suffocation, uncomfortable feel, etc.
  • Restricts your tot freedom and movement to some extent.
  • You need to be careful while bending down or twisting to sides.
  • Even they are meant for freeing your hands; you still have to support your baby with hands at times.
  • Need frequent baby supervising

Positions to wear

It is not that you can wear your baby only in one position via carrier, there are various positions to wear upon based on your convenience and comfort. The various positions are

Positions to wear baby carriers

  • Sit up and face you (mom and dad) – Feel like swaddling in initial three months (ensure their head and neck are well supported)
  • Sit up and face the world – Use it while your baby is in 4-5 months, as they would like to explore the world.
  • Lay down – Suits when they are asleep and tired of constant gazing
  • Sit on hip – Suits when your baby is above four months.
  • Lie on your back – Use it when your’ little grows to be a toddler or little older infant.

Types of carriers

Wraps – A long portion of fabric that wraps over you and your baby by wearing across your body and two shoulders. You can wear it in many configurations in various positions based on your little darling age. Only concern is takes time to put ON and put OFF and does not suit well for older infants.

Wrap baby CarrierWrap baby Carrier 

Slings – It goes over your shoulder and worn across your torso so as to let you hold your baby in the pouch formed i.e. in cradling/snuggling position, while supporting their head, neck, and back. It is best for newborn not with increased weight and generally made of cotton fabric. The designs available are padded, unpadded, and with or without rings for adjustment.

Sling baby CarrierSling baby Carrier

Soft Structured Backpack – It is best suited for toddler or older infant with padded straps and buckles connected to backpack carrier body, and support their wish and encourages several baby movements. It can be worn in front and also in backside.

Soft structured backpack baby CarrierSoft structured backpack baby Carrier

Asian-style or mei tai carrier – Mei (Carrying on shoulder) and tai (carrying strap). It has four straps that can be attached in various ways to your body to secure your little one.

Asian-style or mei tai carrier Asian-style or mei tai carrier  

Things to look into baby carrier

Choose the one with which you never feel like slipping of your baby, giving them a suffocating feel, etc. The most essential qualities are wider seat, provide support at least

  • Security – Always safe and secure your baby, check whether the baby carrier you pick secures your child in all possibilities you think of.
  • Support and comfort – Look if the picked one supports your little one as you support them. Try them upon with your child to ensure the comfort.
  • Simplicity– Lets keep it simple; henceforth you need not worry about its usage restrictions.
  • Longevity – This is the one which worth your money spent.
  • Ergonomics – Pick the one that gives your tot a salubrious place to rest their hip, head, neck and spine.
  • Health – Always go for organic one. But you can opt for good material that lasts long and renders no health issues.
  • Ease of cleaning – These are the one which can get dirt through the spit, drool, wee, etc. so look for machine washer if you lead busy life.
  • Sturdiness – Look whether all the snaps, buckles and belts are in good working condition, are easy to put ON and OFF, and comfortably secure your baby.
  • Weight – Check whether it supports your little darling weight even in older days not greater than 2 yrs.
  • Weather-suitable – Can also look for weather proof carrier which can well suit your living place and can safe guard your child in better manner.

Safety tips

  • Check whether his/her head is visible all times.

safety tips 

  • Watch him/her frequently i.e. for curled position, heads pressed, chin tuck position, etc. while wearing wrap or sling.
  • Make sure you do not sweat badly
  • Properly position your baby
  • Avoid carriers with dangling baby legs to avoid hip dysplasia.
  • It must support hip and spine development naturally.
  • Avoid tight-hold position
  • Maintain frog position i.e. baby’s knees should be above their butt, at around 90-100 degree flexion, with legs spread.
  • Do not exercise with baby
  • Do not wear any carrier without reading or following the instructions given.

Baby Carrier cart

There are so many baby carriers at different types available in the baby products market. Pick the one you completely love, but my personal opinion is to try it ON for maximum comfort so buy the carrier after the baby birth.

Look for bottle, snack, toys and diaper storage carriers, sun hood protection, travel friendly, safety user instruction manual, and toys attached.

iCuddle Baby Sling Bag, Rs. 1299.00

iCuddle Baby Sling Bag

 Carry your baby in a safe, secure cradle, while keeping your hands free. You don't need to put Baby down to have both hands free with this Sling carrier. Machine washable and due to soft fabric and absence of hard edges, it does not cause discomfort to the baby.

Nahshonbaby 3 Way Baby Carrier Light Beige. Rs.2120

Nahshonbaby 3 Way Baby Carrier Light BeigeIt includes 1” thick foam on shoulder straps for the ultimate comfort to the parents, and thick foam in the waist belt for the comfort and evenly distribution of baby’s weight. With Nahshonbaby Carrier, take your baby with you with ease and freedom to roam around.

Anmol Wrap Red Trikon, Rs. 2099

Anmol Wrap Red TrikonIts features include wide shoulder support with no straps pressing onto points on your shoulders or back, uses entire back and shoulders to evenly distribute weight of baby, triple wrapped safety, No buckles, snaps or fasteners, and one size fits all.

Tula ergonomic baby, $149.00

Tula ergonomic babyIts features include navy canvas base, removable and regulated hood, highest quality Duraflex buckles, large front pocket on the contouring hip belt, and dual-adjustment straps, and can be used as both front and back carries.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai, $34.99

Infantino Sash Mei TaiThe buckle-free, wrap and tie supports your child ergonomically with a natural seat in three different carrying positions (facing-in, hip-hugger and backpack). Includes detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy time.

Onya baby outback, $139.00

Onya baby outbackIts features include soft structured carrier-front, back, hip carry and integrated chair harness, 100% rip stop nylon, 2 storage pockets, 2 toy loops, d-ring for keys, and tuck-away sleeping hood that is UPF 50+ sun-protective.

Hipster Plus, $169.00

Hipster PlusMaximum comfort for parents with ergonomic design allowing baby's weight is evenly distributed between the wearer's hips and shoulders. Built in ergonomic hip seat allows baby to be always in a natural sitting position with knees even at hip level.

Buy the other best carriers from, etc.

Wear your little darling!! Feel the hug!!

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