Baby bath!!! Parent-baby bonding!!!

Modified: 16 July 2016

Baby bath time means a lot more than just cleaning, it gifts you a chance to play, cuddle, bond and enjoy the baby coos, giggles, splashes, and the cutie gestures of your little bairn. Until your baby get dirt or starts to crawl, it is not necessary to bathe them every day, it is alright to bathe him/her in alternate days or twice or thrice in a week.

Are you a new mum having your darling tot, Am sure you brood a lot to give the best for them. The most essential things among them is day to day or alternate day necessity are bathing accessories which include baby soap, cleanser, bath towel, bath tub, bathers, water, warm clothes, bath thermometer, etc.

It’s not so tough to bath your baby. Continue reading to become expert in bathing and make your baby get out of fear of water.

Moms and dads, rejoice the skin-skin time with your little tyke!!!

Bath Type

As you all know all the new mums need a support while bathing their little darling since they are new in handling them and worried of managing their neck and body postures. Read on know the bath type to pick your style.

Traditional Bath

Traditional bath is a custom way followed by most of the people from their forefathers and ancestors. You need to sit on the bathroom floor or a small stool and have the baby lay in your outstretched legs. Then douse them with warm water, apply mild soap and finely rinse him/her at the end. Through this traditional way you probably get wet along with your little one. But it benefits you in increasing the comfort of baby by making him/her feel the touch and warmth of your skin.

Sponge bath

Sponge baby bathSponge baby bath

Most of the pediatricians only recommend sponge bath for newborn, at least till their birth cord falls off. This is also one of a better way to start with bathing your baby which may help you in getting rid of fear while bathing him/her. You must treat your baby in such a gentle way still the birth cord falls. If you somehow managed to keep the birth cord dry all the time, it will fall off sooner. Go with other bathing options if you (mom) get recovered after giving birth.

Tub bath

Tub BathTub Bath

Once you are confident enough in holding and managing your baby go with tub bath. Opt this one if your baby can sit on his/her own. You can use it for your little one from birth if you are super genius in bathing babies. It is worth using for toddler and babies of 5-6 months old, and will help you to keep your baby warm all over the bathing cycle. Through this you can enjoy your baby splash and baby’s play with water and also you get transformed to another kid who has much interest in playing with water and their fellow baby.

Baby bather

Baby BatherBaby Bather

If you want to use something like tub bath for your new born, you can pick bathers (also known as bath seat). It can be placed in any location where you feel comfortable to bathe your baby. It supports your baby through a netted layer through which water when doused on your baby falls into the tub underneath. If you are new mum without any supporting one, you can have better grip on your baby since it is designed in a way that is slightly raised. Baby bather is an excellent option until your little one sits on his/her own.

Shower bath

Shower Bath

Shower bath can be used only if they are old enough i.e. above 2 years.

Be ready before bath

  1. Wash towels immersed in warm water
  2. Warm water (Not Hot)
  3. Bath tub, bather, bath sponge or bucket filled with water.
  4. Mild soap, baby cleanser or shampoo
  5. Bath thermometer
  6. Soft wash cloths
  7. Baby hairbrush
  8. Baby toys suitable for warm water
  9. Dry towel
  10. Make sure the room you use to bathe has temperature of at least 23.8 degree Celsius.

Etiquettes and Practices

Do not leave your baby unattended in bath tub or bather

If you want to do any activity like attending calls, heading to kitchen, opening door for the guest, etc. take the baby with you.

Have every item that is used while bathing, in reach of your hand.

Make sure that your baby is neither hungry nor stomach full, so schedule the bath time 20min after or before feed.

Well massage your baby before bath

Gentle pat him/her with dry cloth preferably a hooded towel after bath.

If your baby screams or restricts to bath, divert them by singing songs, conversing with them, displaying toys, etc.

Make the bathing practice routine one at scheduled times in which he/she feels comfortable, so your little darling get used to it.

It is okay to bath together with your baby after few months when he/she can sit or stand on their own, which will make them feel safer and secure.

Do not use too many products while bathing, as this may increase the time span and creates unnecessary skin issues.

Bath time

Wash your hands before giving bath. Undress your little darling. Fill the tub with 5-8 cm of warm water. Clean your baby genitals if he/she poos before bath. Use one hand to support baby’s head, neck and back continue this while bathing. Start with head, eyes, cheeks, neck and chest and proceed to legs, and back. Finally clean the genitals from front to back.

Do not forget to cuddle them while bathing and play with them if they wish. We all know our baby follows our own gestures, as so do whatever you want that teaches him/her new skills like parts of body, how a toy floats in water, new words, songs, etc.

So, now you completed bathing your baby. Wrap and pat him/her with dry towel or blanket and it’s time for neat and dry clothes and nappy. Before patting apply moisturizing lotion if your baby have dry skin.


  1. Helps knowing your baby skin conditions and enquiring for any rashes or skin irritations.
  2. Improves bonding with you (dad and mom)
  3. Induces better sleep
  4. Soothes and moisturizes baby skin

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You can get other good bathing accessories from, and, etc.

Make your little darling figure out how things work and an expert in language skills, from their most favorite person (Mom and Dad), while bathing.

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